My Vizio TV Keeps Restarting: How To Fix?

Vizio has always promised quality products in affordable ranges. Regular upgradation has made the brand the favorite of all the users. Even in its latest upgrade range, the peacock app has increased its buyers tremendously. Along with this, they have all the features that are enough to compete with the prominent names in the industry. 

But nothing is fault-free in the world. Yes, you heard right. There are some issues with the recent addition of the vizio TV. Many people have complained about the fault “My Vizio TV keeps Restarting.” But the fruition moment is when you are ready to watch your favorite show, and suddenly this happens.

There are multiple reasons for “My Vizio TV keeps Restarting.” And don't worry; the problem is small. Below are some of the reasons that might be causing this inconvenience. Let us take a look at them one by one.

Why My Vizio TV Keeps Restarting & How To Fix It?

1. Check For The Power Cables

Your TV works well only on a proper power supply. If the supply is inadequate, it may lead to the” My Vizio TV keeps Restarting.” Ensure that your supply is adequate before calling the operator for the issue. The improper power supply can lead to unprecedented problems. 

  • You can fix the LED indicator to ensure the correct power supply. Check its pattern of blinking while you turn the TV on. If it is blinking, your TV is in standby mode. 
  • If your Led blinks off and then on, it may be the issue related to the powerboard or the faulty motherboard. Recheck the socket and then hit the button again. 
  • If the issue persists, then go for the voltage check. You can use a multimeter to ensure that you have plugged in both ends of the cables. 

2. Refresh By Using The Power Cycle Test

Once you cannot find the right steps for your TV, give it a restart. You can easily give your TV a power cycle test. This is the easiest and safest way to use it at home. A power cycle test will ensure that you do not have bugs left or piled up static charges. Bugs and fixed charges are the common issues with the system that have been kept on for an extended period.

Just turn off the TV and unplug it from the socket. Keep the TV left for an hour or a minimum of 15 minutes. The holes on the power button for a minute, and restart your TV.

3. Check Your Remote

We must have encountered an incident when our TV remote was the culprit behind the “My Vizio TV keeps Restarting” issue we were facing, and we thought of it at the end. Yes, it happens a lot of the time. If your remote is an old one, then it is the main culprit behind the scene. Check your remote first before moving on to the other remedies. 

If any button on the remote is not working or is dented, change the remote. You can also give it a fresh start by switching off the TV, removing the batteries, and then putting it back again. Dust the inner channels of the remote and then plug it in again. Sometimes because of the dust, too remote might need to be fixed. 

Keep the CEC option enabled on your set for a single remote application. CEC is the consumer electronics control that allows the device to be operated by s single electronic. Just follow the steps below to ensure it is off. 

  • Keep your TV on and press the setting button
  • Click for the system option
  • Press the CEC and then disable it

4. Are There Any Updates Left?

Vizio is a company that prefers to keep its customers from being locked behind in any genre. That's right, even after buying the TV set, the Vizio system keeps sending the updated software version for your efficient movie experience.

Updated versions are safer and more advanced. Outdated versions are prone to bugs and errors. Make sure you are on the latest versions of your TV.

  • Go to settings and click the system options.
  • Check for updates
  • Press the confirmation button in case of any updates and install them.
  • After completing the update, the TV will automatically restart.

Sometimes there may be some issues regarding installments of the apps that cause the TV to restart again and again. TV will install the updates one by one and restart the system as on each update. The best way to solve the problem “My Vizio TV keeps Restarting” is to let all the apps download and install with a single click. It will save you time and TV power.

5. Check For The Sleep Timings

Your inactivity on your TV may be causing your TV to be off quickly. Vizio TV has an application that will turn the TV off after inactivity for a certain period. It may be set by default for less time from the store. You can easily change the sleep timings from the settings and enjoy your period of inactivity.

  • Go to the settings and click on the timer options
  • Switch to the sleep time option off
  • In the same option, you will find the auto power-off option
  • You could also turn off the option if you do not want to keep the sleep mode on the TV
  • Restart your TV for the application to be implemented

Now check whether you have ended the “My Vizio TV keeps Restarting” problem. In case your Vizio TV Keeps Turning OFF And Back ON, here is how to fix it.

6. Change The Mode Of The TV

The power mode is an essential factor of the TV. It will decide how fast your TV will turn off and on and how quickly it will respond to commands through the remote while in sleep mode. Different modes have different power consumptions and features.

But sometimes, changings done at home might add errors in the system. There could be enormous reasons, like a faulty power supply or system support. 

  • Go to the settings tab and click the open system
  • Click on the power mode option
  • Select the quick start or eco mode, depending on the last option.
  • Restart the TV again

7. Check For Interference

Wireless interference from another device could be why “My Vizio TV keeps Restarting.” Vizio models and Panasonic TV models get interference problems very often. It also happens with the other TV sets. Ensure you do not put on any other device near the Vizio TV.

Ensure you are also keeping your different TV remote sets away from each other to avoid any interference between them. This is the best way to keep the TV out of the other possible ranges.

8. Reset The TV

Reset television mode is the best to clear all the disturbances and set the TV in factory mode. Just like you have bought from the showroom. It will clear all the cache and return to factory mode. It will also remove your installed apps and other personal details if you have installed them on TV before.

There are several ways to reset your TV, and here is the simplest option.

  • Click on the settings, and go to the system menu
  • Select the reset and admin option 
  • Click on reset TV to factory defaults
  • Enter your parental control code for confirmation. If not set, then enter 0000. 
  • Click on ok to confirm
  • Wait for the process to get completed and reconfigure the system.

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Concluding “My Vizio TV keeps Restarting” Issue

These are effective ways to easily remove the bugs and software glitches in your Vizio TV. Remove all the attached devices from your system and check for the issues again.

If you still encounter “My Vizio TV keeps Restarting” after the hacks seek professional help from the Vizio support system.

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