MyThemeShop Review : Should You Purchase From Them?

MyThemeShop is a marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins. They have hundreds of premium and free themes to choose from.

And well, I’m one of them, who never like to stick to a particular design for a longer. In fact, from the birth of this blog, I’ve tried more than 6 premium themes.

But unfortunately, I think I've wasted my lot of money just because of my bad decisions and understanding.

However, now I’m mature enough to understand these things and capable of taking a right decision, and currently I’m using socialMe from MyThemeshop for this blog– and seriously very happy with them.

So, look and design are not most important factors.

Because there are dozens of equally important factors that one should consider. And if you make the mistake and purchase the theme only because of its design and look, then you will definitely end up wasting your hard-earned money.

I'm using all most all the plugins released by Mythemeshop and you can check it here.

Now, many people might be asking me:

Why to invest money when there are free ones available?

Actually, these free ones really not worth it. Especially when your aim is to earn money, and I’m telling that from my personal experience.

Before many times, I’ve wasted a lot of my time in finding a perfect free theme for my blog, but I ended-up purchasing a premium one. And I’m glad that I’m not using any free theme.

Even if I’m creating a niche blog, and if it’s possible, then I always prefer to go with premium ones.

Where to invest money when we create a long-term blog: Hosting or Theme?

Of course, both have their importance but my answer would be, after a good hosting, I will invest on a good premium theme.

The reason is very simple, because when you don’t have a good hosting then your visitors will unlikely to stay. And the same happens when you don’t have a good theme, your visitors will not stay, and hence you can lose your potential visitors or customers.

Another disadvantage is related to SEO.

Well, we all know the importance of SEO for driving traffic, and if you don’t have search engine optimized theme then search engines maybe not able to understand your content properly. And your rankings will start dropping.


Now, we will talk about its features. There are many actually but we will only talk about just few.

SEO Friendly

No matter how much you have invested on a premium theme but if the theme is not optimized for search engines then you’ve to deal with a big disadvantage.

However with Mythemeshop you never have to worry about SEO of your theme. They know what to do and what is the importance of it for us.

I’ve used and seen many themes that are not optimized for search engines and that’s negative impact we can see at SERP.

By using SEO friendly themes, you can rank more easily in the search engines.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says it perfectly – Nobody wants to look back and wish they had spent more time waiting for a website to load.

Ever got angry when a website doesn’t load fast. Many times we think this could be our Internet fault but actually it could be the problem with the site itself.

Let us get deep into it.

Do you know what is the worth of a second for a website?

Now this explains why even a single second matters for a website. Especially when you’ve to live your life through it.

Without using CDN itself they deliver fast loading sites and I wonder how much speed the websites loads when using CDN.

MTS takes care about it as well, and you don’t have to waste your money to hire someone to optimize your site for speed.

Clean Coding

Many themes in the market currently are not well coded, which obviously is a bad thing. And currently, if we compare any other theme in the market with one from Mythemeshop then you will realise that MTS offers top-notch coded themes.

Every Mythemeshop theme is coded excellently, which doesn’t interrupt working of any plugin and that’s also one of the reasons that why search engines able to read MTS themes easily.

So, in terms of coding, I give 5 out 5 to MTS.

Theme Options

Every Mythemeshop theme has a panel that helps you to customize your theme in any way you want to.  And it helps a lot, especially when you even don’t know the ‘C’ of coding.

I’ve used many themes with option panel but most of them are not suitable for me as a blogger. I think Mythemeshop especially focused lot on the blogger part because they know what things you need when you run a blog.

In the panel you can change fonts, layouts, colours and lot more. I think you have all the options that you need to have.

Here is the screenshot of my theme panel.

I love the theme panel and that’s what make it fun and easy to customize your blog in any way you want to.

Free Mythemeshop Themes

If you’re still not convinced that Mythemeshop can be your best bet, then there is a way that can help you to believe them.

Mythemeshop is just not all about premium themes, but they also offers free themes. You can easily download them and they wouldn’t even ask you for your credit card or any critical details.

Just create an account and you’re ready to go.

Update & Support

It’s very normal to stuck somewhere and that’s where support staff comes into play. You can easily contact them through their forum and they will reply you within just a few hours or maybe less.

Other than that, Mythemeshop also focus on updating their products time to time. They know how important it is, because WordPress also keeps updating its software and changes can affect your site if your theme and wordpress software doesn’t work perfectly together.

That’s why they keep updating their themes before getting into any issues. You can simply install their official update plugin which will do the updating work in the automation.


At the end, I think MyThemeShop can be your best bet for WordPress themes because their staff knows how to do perfect things.

I’ve used many themes with option panel but most of them are not suitable for me as a blogger (for example, if you're selling something online then I suggest to use this software). I think MyThemeShop especially focused lot on the blogger part because they know what things you need when you run a blog.

And one thing that I forgot to mention above is that they are not all about premium or free themes but from them you can also purchase plugins. They have plugins for variety of works and same like their themes you will not be disappointed with their plugins.

If you’ve any questions then let me know in the comments.

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