Northwest Registered Agent Reviews – Good in 2020?

The Northwest Registered Agent Reviews for 2020 is updated here with more inputs on how their process works a

Having a registered agent on hand for your business can make a world of difference. Such a service will help you in planning the work you want to run. You can get all your legal forms ready without confusion. The most important part is that Northwest helps you get your limited liability company or LLC up and running without concerns.

But you will need a talented registered agent service to assist you in getting your LLC ready. Northwest Registered Agent is one organization to consult when getting your entity ready. Northwest concentrates on LLC formation and for getting a registered agent ready. The team here is responsive and supportive and will be worth noting for your work needs.

What Is Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent is an online service provider that has been in operation since 1998. The team has developed a reputation for providing convenient information on LLC formation. The expertise available covers all fifty states.

The focus of Northwest is to concentrate on managing LLCs. The work includes getting various operations under control and to ensure all your plans are legal. You should give your business the proper legal representation necessary for work, and Northwest is here to do this for you.

The General Services

Northwest Registered Agent provides many LLC services:

  • The first thing to do is to hire a registered agent with the company to assist you in forming a new LLC. The work includes establishing your LLC based on the information you provide.
  • IRS registration services are available. Your business' EIN will be made available through the proper documents.
  • Operating agreements are also available.
  • You can also register a license for operation.
  • Business expansion services are available. Northwest Registered Agent helps in facilitating registration in multiple states outside of your home area.
  • A non-US resident company formation service helps you when you're trying to expand outside of your home country.

All of these services are available through a basic LLC formation solution, although you can also hire these separately. The base LLC deal provides better access to these points for your LLC. Northwest is willing to help you regardless of whatever you might require.

Northwest Registered Agent will locally scan all your documents. All documents go into your account as they are received at a local office. The scanning effort ensures compliance and accuracy.

Northwest Registered Agent

The most important thing you can hire through Northwest Registered Agent is a private agent. You must get a registered agent appointed to your program when forming an LLC. The worker also allows for the facilitation of data for legal actions and tax operations. The agent will let you know when your groups need to manage its legal functions.

Your agent service will check on your documents and scan everything for accuracy. The service lets you know how the LLC formation is going, not to mention what documents are vital. You will get real-time notifications on what's working.

Stay Off Public Records

One of the top features of the Northwest Registered Agent LLC is that you can use their address when getting your public records ready. The service keeps all business details private.

The problem with listing your actual address with your Secretary of State is that your address will be public to everyone. Spammers and third parties can send unwanted stuff to your address, what with it being easy to find online. By using the Northwest Registered Agent address, you'll keep yours secure.

A registered agent should be one that is there for you and recognizes your specific needs. Northwest Registered Agent provides the customer service that you deserve every time you need it.

The Corporate Guide system gives you points on what you're entering. You'll never come across any automated operators or people trying to sell you things.

All the online tools you use are free to utilize. These work alongside the services you pay for, thus ensuring you don't pay an extra premium for the convenience of the system.

Is Northwest Registered Agent Good?

Northwest Registered Agent reviews show that the team provides many positives:

  • The company is direct with everyone it serves. All Northwest Registered Agent LLC services are easy to understand. The team lets you know what you're getting into every time.
  • All fees are open and direct. You'll never bear with annoying upsells.
  • All information will be kept private. No third parties are involved.
  • You'll receive regular advice and help when planning your work. Northwest offers regular help and tips on filing, maintaining your business, and much more.

Most of the reviews about the service state that customers are satisfied with what they are getting. They can use Northwest to make it easier for their businesses to grow and be legal.

Is a Registered Agent Worth It?

The registered agent service is useful if you've got plenty of things going on in your business. The registered agent will help you in reminding you of your annual report and other deadlines you have to meet. The delivery service also ensures you'll get your package documents out on time. Filing is easier when you have support on hand that understands what works.

Additional Customer Service Data

The responsive customer service team will be there if you even need extra help. The company is accessible online or by phone. Prior Northwest Registered Agent reviews state that the team is very responsive and provides a fast turnaround for all the queries people have. The customer support team is also based out of the United States, so you will be assured you're talking with great workers that understand the rules for running a business in this country.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Pricing

You'll find that Northwest doesn't charge as much for services as you might expect.

The basic LLC formation service costs $39 plus the state fee in your area. You'll also get a free year of registered agent access. The registered agent service costs $125 per year after the initial free year with your LLC plan. The charges are simple and do not entail any hidden costs for anything you wish to hire and plan out.

The timing for filing your LLC will vary based on what you may spend. While the basic LLC service is $39, it costs $139 to hire an expedited order to get everything running sooner. You'll also get your EIN with the account. The premium package costs $199 and provides same-day processing. Of course, the state fees are to be applied to the LLC formation effort, regardless of the tier you utilize.

There are a few other costs to look at surrounding other services. It costs $50 to get an employer identification number or EIN or $200 if you are trying to get an EIN, but you don't have a Social Security Number. You also have the choice to get a business phone number ready for $9 per month, or a corporate book or corporate seal for $40 each.

The Northwest Registered Agent alternatives are Incfile, ZenBusiness.


Northwest Registered Agent is a solution to consider when finding a plan for your LLC. The services available give you all the help necessary for making your entity legal and operational. You should look at what Northwest provides if you need registered agent LLC support that you could hire where you are. The reviews that you've read about different LLC service providers out there are valid and worth noting.

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