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Here comes our hand picked five OptinMonster Alternatives that fits your budget and Infact, we use one of the services for webcrazies.

Given below are the Alternatives to OptinMonster and tools that you can use to boost your email.

OptinMonster Alternatives

Bloom – #1 OptinMonster:

This plugin provide you the easy setup of opt-in form which will help you in collecting the email address of the audience.

You must remember that if you aren't able to setup a proper form, you won't be able to get the most out of it. The OptinMonster features you get are opt-in pop-up, opt in fly-ins, in line opt-in forms, below content opt-in forms, widget area opt-in, opt-in to unlock content, automatic triggers, 110+ pre-designed templates, form orientations, unlimited color choices, display filter’s and much more.

In our list, Bloom is the Best OptinMonster Alternatives, I recommend since it comes with no limitations and much more options for some one time pricing. You can also get 20% OFF on Bloom plugin through this Elegant Themes Coupon.

Thrive Leads – #2 OptinMonster Alternatives

This is one of the best plugins I have ever seen. The plugin provide with best feature that will boost up your email subscriber. Some best features of this plugin are easy drag and drop builder, advanced targeting, A/B testing, actionable reporting and insights.

With Thrive Leads you can show form as popup light box, Sticky ribbon, inline forms, step optin form, slide in, opt in widget, screen filter and much more.

WP Subscribe pro – #3 OptinMonster

This is yet another powerful plugin that can help you boost your email. This plugin is developed by MyThemeShop and thus you can trust them for quality.

Features that you get with this plugin are Boosted revenue, Related articles on popups, Reduce abandoned visitors, support for GetResponse, Feedburner, Aweber, Mailchimp, highly responsive, improve user engagement, pop up triggers, animations and much more.

With all these features you will be able to get the emails of best targeted audience.

Ninja Popups – #4 OptinMonster Alternatives

This plugin is designed by Arscode. Ninja popups is one of best and highly customized opt in form builder. It provide you many features like, drag and drop builder, pre-designed template, free opt in panels, 74 animation effects, content locker, highly responsive, page level targeting, WPML ready and much more.

You can use all these features in order to design the best form that will force the readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

Sumo – #5 OptinMonster Alternatives

Almost OptinMonster has every blogger knows it, it provides complete package of ultimate features. Along with email builder you get many built in apps that will help you in boosting your website’s traffic and audience engagement.

The builder app of sumo me provide the utmost features like, time to show the form, completely customizable, mobile friendly, A/B testing, good number of pre designed templates, capturing the most engaged users, one click integration with the best email marketing platforms and much more.

The only drawback of this tool is the slowness of tool which makes the load time takes too much time and Thrive Leads is the best when comes to loading time.

Getsitecontrol – Right Mix of Powerful Website Widgets

Getsitecontrol gives you an excellent mix of functionalities comprising custom forms, popups, and a lot more website widgets to generate more leads and increase ROI. 

The tool is exceptionally easy to set up and will take you only a few minutes to get used to it. Most importantly, with Getsitecontrol, you can rest assured that there will be no coding required to build beautiful web pages.

Needless to say, Getsitecontrol is one of the finest OptinMonster Alternative

  1. Getsitecontrol assists customers to convince their visitors in a much more meaningful way to subscribe to their email lists using the most striking subscription forms without having to force them to subscribe
  2. It assists you to build the most convincing contact form for a perfect onsite communication that will help in collecting feedback, queries, and orders
  3. It provides you with stunning widgets to promote deals, news and blog posts to reach out more audience
  4. Also, it allows you to have a live chat widget that can be connected to your Slack to respond to the queries of your audience instantly and on the go 
  5. It allows you to integrate with more than 30 leading marketing services to automate lead generation.

When it comes to pricing, Getsitecontrol gives you 3 different options to select from and also, it allows you to opt for either monthly billing or annual billing. However, with annual billing, you have the advantage of getting 2 free months. You can start for as low as $9/mo.

Picreel – 25% Conversion Guarantee

If you are looking for a perfect alternative to OptinMonster, Picreel is a powerful Lead Generation and Conversion tool that comes with a 25% conversion boost Guarantee. 

With Picreel, you can have a very innovative and effective approach as it allows you to track the visitors' mouse and scroll movements in real-time. This will subsequently help you in approaching them in a much more meaningful way and serving them the best offer. 

Also, it provides you lots of design templates to produce stunning offers and has the lead data captured and delivered to the CRM in real-time. Picreel gives a brilliant mix of functionalities. 

This pretty much makes it one of the best OptinMonster Alternatives and in fact, it is one of those alternatives that any OptinMonster user can quickly get well acquainted with.

  • The ReelOverlay option helps you entice your visitors with a customized popup after a designated time as they are about to leave your website or scrolls through a certain web page
  • The ReelSurvey assists you to conduct the most effective surveys using the most accurate targeted form to collect a wide range of information from a specific group of visitors 
  • The ReelLinks Option helps you display an overlay whenever a visitor clicks on a link to encourage one to join your lists or get to another page
  • Priceel offers more than 300 seamless integration comprising Email, CRM and Marketing Automation platforms
  • It also provides you with advanced analytics and A/B Testing to measure, plan, and know what converts better
  • Priceel gives you 4 options to choose from and the lowest plan starts at $14/mo. In case you feel you need more options and resources than what is offered by these 4 plans, you can contact the sales team for Enterprisen plans.

OptiMonk – Keep your traffic Engaged like Never Before

OptiMonk is one of the brilliant Lead conversion alternatives to OptinMonster supporting more than 5K websites all across the world and it helps you in largely engaging their traffic with an unimaginably user-friendly message toolkit. 

Its approach towards increasing revenue for you is slightly different from that of the other existing lead generation tools and in fact, it proposes a much more polite way to increase their revenue with the right mix of marketing, sales and IT. 

Over the years, it has largely helped many businesses in capturing more subscribers and reducing cart abandonment. As far as its functionalities are concerned, they are pretty advanced and well-conceived. Optimonk is certainly one of the best alternatives to OptinMonster

  1. OptiMonk assists you to design customized popups and notifications based on the exact goals, needs, and stage of the visitors
  2. Also, it lets you target your audience based on their items in the cart, traffic source and other behavior to serve them with the most relevant offer
  3. It assists you auto-trigger messages exactly at times when your traffic are about to abandon your site or scroll down the webpage
  4. Also, it is ridiculously simple to create stunning forms by choosing from over 200 amazing templates &, of course, a very powerful drag and drop editor
  5. It aids you to improve the performance of your campaign using an advanced reporting system and A/B Split testing

OptiMonk presents you with 4 different paid plans to select from and 1 free plan to get started with. You can either opt for an Annual billing or Monthly billing. However, with the Annual billing, you can save 20%.

Sleeknote – Leave your traffic with no reason to Abandon your Site

With Sleeknote, you can rest assured that your popups are never annoying and this will eventually help you give your web traffic the very first good impression. 

As far as creating on-site messages is concerned, it gives you endless possibilities to explore alongside fully customizable designs and templates. 

In addition to this, it gives you unimaginably advanced on-site tools and triggers. All these make it one of the perfect alternatives to OptinMonster.

  1. Sleeknote makes it unimaginable easy for you to produce lead capture forms with the most stunning designs and a lot of customization without having to need any coding at all
  2. It offers you with A/B Testing and Real-Time Analytics to monitor the performance of your campaigns and also, improve the performance to maximize conversions
  3. Also, it lets you use SmartTriggers wherein they can increase conversion using the right trigger based on Sleeknote's advanced algorithm
  4. It largely helps the customers in creating the most Google Friendly lead capture form to have a better conversion
  5. It provides customers with custom integration alongside offering integration with a large number of email and e-commerce services

Sleeknote presents you 5 different plans to choose from and the lowest plan you can start with is 49 euro/mo. Also, it provides customers with an option to have a customized plan in case they need more than what is included in the available subscriptions.

HelloBar – Convert your web traffic into Customers with the Greatest Ease

With over 500000 websites using HelloBar to grow their email list and accelerate their sales, it is one of those conversion tools that help you make the most out of all the important conversion factors to convert fast. It is not cluttered with too many unnecessary options. 

What makes one of the best OptinMonster Alternatives is the fact that it presents a very clean and simple interface with a very powerful blend of functionalities.

  1. With the HelloBar A/B Testing, you can test as to which of the strategies work better for your website
  2. HelloBar presents you Zapier Integrations to integrate their WebPages with any app of their choice in conjunction with integration with the leading marketing services
  3. It allows you to create the most stunning customized Thank your Page as they subscribe to your email list to create the best impressions on your customers
  4. With the Yes/No Questions feature, you can collect any kind of customer data and this is most appropriate for surveys
  5. As far as the technical support is concerned, you can certainly rest assured of very dedicated support with HelloBar.

When it comes to plans, HelloBar provides you with 2 paid plans and, of course, 1 free plan to get started with.

Leadpages – The Right Mix for a perfect Growth

Leadpages is one of those conversion tools that have been around for many years now and over the years, it has largely helped many small businesses in connecting with their audience, generating and converting leads. This amazing tool helps you build exquisite websites, landing pages, pop-ups and more. 

Over the years, It has helped many small businesses with an accelerated growth backed by the right mix of high converting content and the most stunning designs. Leadpages is certainly one of the most suitable alternatives to OptinMonster

  1. Since Leadpages is powered by Google's App Engine, you have the advantage of a very reliable uptime and speed
  2. Leadpages Builder comes with auto-saving and this ensures that every change you make is duly saved alongside drag and drop editing
  3. You can seamlessly pass your form data to your email or CRM using the custom and hidden form fields
  4. Another handy feature is the option to duplicate content and that way, you do not have to start editing from the beginning again which saves a lot of time
  5. Leadpages have some of the best email triggers in conjunction with pretty advanced exit intent pop-ups.

With Leadpages you have 3 different options to choose from and you can start for as low as $25/mo. Also, it gives you a free trial for all the plans which is why with Leadpages, you hardly have any chance of going wrong with your choice.

Unbounce – Convert more with the most beautiful Landing Pages

With over 15000 brands powered by Unbounce, it is one of the extensively used Lead Generation tools for sure. Using Unbounce, customers can create beautiful customized landing pages without having to need any coding. 

What gives it a remarkable leading edge is the fact that it helps you create WebPages with a single focused goal and that way, your web traffic will have no distractions. When it comes to functionalities, it certainly presents you the right mix and it is, without a doubt, one of the best OptinMonster alternatives

  1. Building a landing page using Unbounce is simple and amazing with over 100 astonishing templates to choose from in conjunction with the easy drag and drop builder
  2. Unbounce offers you an advanced A/B test option alongside Real-time data dashboard to accurately test what is working and what is not to make the necessary improvements to grow ROI
  3. As far as integrations are concerned. it works perfectly with almost all the marketing and CRM services alongside tons of app integrations via Zapier and webhooks
  4. Also, with Unbounce, you can rest assured of high levels of security comprising secure payment gateways, data privacy, two-factor authentication, password security, auto-session timeouts, user permissions, domain protection and more
  5. It offers you 5 different options to target your audience; trigger by action, target by URL, target by location, target by referring URL and target with cookies.

Unbounce provides customers with 3 different options to select from and the lowest plan you can start with is $99/mo. However, by choosing annual billing, you can save 20%

Mailoptin – Generate Leads Quickly and Effortlessly

Mailoptin is yet another extremely powerful Lead Generation, Email Automation and Newsletters tool to easily convert traffic into subscribers. Also, it allows you to do it all from inside WordPress. As far as the designing is concerned, you can certainly have the most stunning designs by using the Mailoptin form builder. 

Besides, it offers tons of other useful functionalities. Over the years, the tool has largely helped businesses of all sizes with a brilliant growth in sales and ROI. Mailoptin is one of the best OptinMonster alternatives for sure.

  1. Mailoptin helps you grab the attention of your traffic instantly with a powerful combination of Lightbox Popup, Floating Notification Bar, Slide-In boxes, Sidebar and more
  2. With the Mailoptin's powerful A/B Split Testing tool, you can always make the best decisions backed by accurate data analysis and this will eventually help you quickly convert more.
  3. With the Mailoptin Exit-Intent technology, you can always display a targeted opt-in form as a visitor is about to leave your site and convert them to subscribers
  4. As far as User Targeting is concerned, it allows you to largely customize and target your you in many ways alongside powerful display rules to increase revenue
  5. Mailoptin integrates seamlessly with a wide range of marketing, CRM and WordPress solutions

When it comes to the plans, Mailoptin offers you 3 different options to choose from and the lowest price you can start for is $69/year

Privy – Make the most out of every single Opportunity

Privy is a lead generation tool that has paid off really well in terms of its service by helping a lot of users convert more for the past many years by capturing more emails, reducing abandonment and driving sales in the most effectual ways. Privy encompasses all the useful options that you may need to convert more. 

By now, there are more than 2000,000 small and medium-sized businesses of varying categories that use Privy. Privy is undoubtedly one of the finest OptinMonster Alternatives available in the market.

  1. Privy allows you to set strong targeting and triggers backed by advanced A/B Testing to entice visitors to subscribe to your list
  2. As far as the designing is concerned, Privy offers you an easy to use yet great drag and drop designer to create the most beautiful without having to take much time and effort
  3. Privy popups and flyouts with exit intent and special offers can largely help you reduce cart abandonment and rather, help you close sales effectively
  4. Driving sales is exceptionally easy with automated abandonment cart emails, autoresponders, coupon reminders, etc.
  5. Also, it integrates with a wide range of marketing and e-commerce services.

Privy provides you 7 different paid plans to choose from and 1 free plan to start with. In addition to this, you can always contact the sales team to have a customized plan created and you can have a plan for more than 1 million page views.

KyLeads – Generate more Revenue using the right set of tools

You do not need too many tools for sure and what you actually need is the right set of tools. With KyLeads, you will have only the most useful tools. This will largely help you stay focused and increase your revenue. Everything is pretty well conceived with the KyLeads; from boosting sales, targeting visitors to generating leads. 

Also, you have the advantage of an extremely dedicated customer support with KyLeads to help you with every single technical difficulty. All these make it one of the best OptinMonster Alternatives.

  1. KyLeads lets you create amazing quizzes to keep their visitors engaged and it also can help you convert up to 30% of your visitors into leads
  2. It offers you multiple types of opt-in forms alongside allowing you to create stunning and high converting forms
  3. KyLeads lets you target visitors based on referral source, custom URLs and also, it lets you ensure that users that have already subscribed to your email list do not see the same message over again for giving them a better user experience
  4. With the KyLeads A/B Split Testing and powerful analytics, you can monitor your performance so far as well as test your strategies well to have the best strategy to execute
  5. Also, it integrates seamlessly with a wide range of marketing and CRM tools 

When it comes to plans, you do not really have many options to choose from and as a matter of fact, KyLeads gives you just 1 plan to choose. However, you have an option to either opt for a monthly subscription or yearly subscription.

Importance of Email Subscriber – OptinMonster Alternatives

Today, many people are struggling to make an email and convert it as money.  Most of the time, the third party services promise that they can bring the targeted email subscribers but the fact remains far behind and you will end up wasting money on such services.

Many bloggers usually ignore email building and thus they are losing a lot of revenue. One thing you should remember is, the one who will subscribe to your newsletter is highly interested in making money online and the content of your website will provide him what he is looking for. So, never ignore email building.

You might not be aware with the truth that you can make the email by your own and you don’t need anyone for this. The only thing that you need is the right tool.


All the above plugins have their own features and specialty and so it is highly recommended that you must choose as per your need.

Hope you loved OptinMonster alternatives and out of all the products, if you're looking for an simple product for getting started, choose Bloom or Thrive Leads and in case if you need an advanced platform, choose for Leadpages or Unbounce.

However, we assure you wont find any better OptinMonster Alternatives than the one mentioned in our top list of products.

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