A Must Read Guide on Art of Parenting with Technology

We know that technology is here to stay. While many parents are still working through how the modern methods and opportunities that technology offers can be integrated safely into their daily lives, there are those who are realizing the many benefits that it brings for families.

Parenting with technology is not a recent thing, as every generation has to contend with its own technological developments.

The technology we have now just happened to be way more advanced than we ever dreamed of having as kids and our children now have the chance to make the most of that advantage.

There are some parenting options without technologies like “Worksheet  School” however its really an tedious task to keep out of tech products now a days.

There are also many things out there designed just for parents, to make things a little easier and make parenting even more enjoyable. These are four of our favorite gadgets designed just for parents.

1.Nanny Cam with Audio

We know that parents might need to hire nannies to help them with their children. While this may be logical for many, it isn’t always the easiest route to take. After all, it’s not so easy to trust just anybody with your kids, whether it be a stranger or family. This is what makes this gadget extremely useful.

Having a nanny cam with audio will allow you to monitor the things that are going on in your house, especially when you aren’t there. There are many wonderful nannies out there, but we’ve definitely heard of stories that make even the toughest of parents cringe at the thought of leaving children with strangers.

A nanny cam with audio will help keep your children safe and make sure that they’re always in good company.

2.Smart Pacifier

Only parents know the nightmare of emotion that involves their children getting sick, no matter how old. As soon as children start to feel warm to touch, there’s a switch that turns the panic mode on.

As soon as this happens, the first thing to do is take a kid’s temperature, but it isn’t always easy especially when it comes to the young ones. It’s very difficult to take an accurate temperature of infants and toddlers just because they fidget too much and to take the most accurate temperature; you’d have to take it rectally anyway.

It’s a lot easier said than done. Smart pacifiers allow parents to take temperatures with the use of a tool that babies and toddlers already use anyway—a pacifier. This way, parents don’t have to fight with their already cranky kid just to take their temperature.

3.Gaming Toothbrushes

No, don’t worry, it isn’t just a video game.  This may be one of the smartest tech gadgets ever made for both children and parents. It involves something as simple as tooth brushing, but any parent knows that it isn’t such a simple thing.

Tooth brushing can be a battle between many parents and kids, and these gadgets make it easier for both parties. This makes tooth brushing fun for kids and less stressful for parents to deal with.

They use an interactive platform that ties in with a smartphone or a tablet. Kids can play with interactive games while they brush their teeth. The games are designed to make sure the kids brush their teeth properly.

Each time kids use their gaming toothbrush, the program records the session and the toothbrush movement as well, and so you as a parent can monitor just how your child is brushing his or her teeth.

It promotes and rewards good habits and helps you teach your children how to take care of themselves. Many of the products are available metro cities of India delivered through Fedex Chennai in south India cities.


Last but not the least is the tablet, which gets a mix of positives and negatives when it comes to parenting.

Many parents are still opposed to the idea of kids using tablets for whatever reason, but the truth is, tablets have so many functions that it’s really unfair to limit it to what negative it might bring. That’s solely up to you as a parent to implement anyway.

Tablets can be used for educating, entertaining, for artwork and play, music and discovery, and so much more. Of course, it’s the parents’ responsibility to monitor tablet internet usage, but when it is used properly, the benefits are just endless.

Much like adults read books on their tablets, children can do so as well. Adults can do design and artwork on tablets, and there are apps just like that for kids too.

The tablet is possibly one of the best gadgets for parents to use because it can be used in so many ways. Just be creative, be positive, and you’ll see that parenting with technology is the future of parenting itself.


Finally, this is our first post in tech category and hope you all enjoyed it. Do you know any gadgets apart from the ones mentioned above? Share it in comments with our readers.

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