Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV: How To Resolve?

Who likes to avoid watching movies and their favorite shows for free right? There are many apps and other sources from which you can directly download your interests and watch them in your comfort zone. But what if something that could connect directly to your device and you can get rid of the downloading procedure? If this were in your dream, then your dream would have come true.

Peacock is spreading its wings faster than anyone could expect it to. Are people getting crazy over the app and whatnot? The platform has given access to great shows with just a swap of your fingers.

But sometimes, people complain about some issues regarding the forum. Either Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV or returns to the home page without any trace. There could be many reasons for the issue “Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV.” Let us look at them one by one by eliminating all the possibilities.

What Is a Peacock?

We all are fans of great shows streamed by NBC's universal. Sitting in a cozy environment and watching a funny show with our loved ones is one of the best therapy for us. Keeping our comfort in mind, NBC has presented us with its excellent new service, Peacock TV.

The service will serve as a one-stop watch for all the shows of NBCs. It is a full stop to all the confusing pricing tires presented by the platform earlier. It will boost tons of original content, and you will be more than happy with its service. 

The service contains all the contents from drama to comedy to movies. It is also associated with universal studio films and their original content. Just think of the show's name, and you are ready to stream it online.

The only limitation of the peacock service is that it is limited to the United States. For the rest, the service has yet to be available. However, there are possibilities from the US response that they might also open the service of peacocks to other countries. 

How Does Peacock TV Work?

Unlike Netflix, the holo peacock has a different approach for its users. It is an ad-based platform where you can enjoy all your shoes for free with some ads in between. However, some shows still need to be included in the package. To have them, there are two premium tiers offered by the peacock. Let us look at them.

All-access with the additional package is one premium tier in which the chargers are barely minimum. You can opt for the box with the ads and be ready to enjoy your favorite shows. However, the time limit of the ads may vary, but overall the package is suitable for the users who can wait for the suspense to see after some breaks. 

Another premium package is for users with zero patience to unfold the suspense. It is a break-free package, and you can enjoy many shoes in just a go. Comcast Xfinity Flex and X1 customers will also have a break-free service from the peacock. 

Step By Step Guide On Troubleshooting Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV

We understand your frustration when you have plans for the night and get stuck because of your TV. However, the reason the peacock platform needs to be fixed is. Yes, it is frustrating, but there are many reasons for the same. So, let us find out why Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV platform. 

The first thing to be checked while setting your television is whether your TV supports the peacock platform. The Peacock app was created in 2016. Since its launch, it has only been restricted to the Vizio smart cast TVs.

If your TV is of the older version and Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV, then you can call a streaming stick with it. A streaming stick is a much cheaper and easy option to enjoy the platform. 

Again if you do not have a Vizio smart TV, then by adding a fire TV stick or Roku TV streaming stick, you can play peacock on your TV. Fire TV stick also supports Alexa's voice controls; thus, it will be easier for you to access the platform.

1. Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

Software glitches are the most common reason why Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV faced by Vizio users. Often app problems are generally related to software glitches. The best option to eliminate the problem is to restart your TV. However, turning off the TV will not do any good because there may be some technical issue related to the TV, and it will keep on piling up because of not giving the proper turn-on. 

The best way to ensure the TV is finally rebooted is to take all the wires down from the TV. Switch off all the settings before taking the cables and power plug down. Wait for two to five minutes and then replug all the lines to the TV. Plug it on, and your peacock app is good to go with your TV.

2. Check Your Internet Speed

Everything is connected to the internet, even your peacock app. Slow internet speed might be why your Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV. Sometimes, your internet may need to be faster to support the peacock TV. Check your internet speed before calling the operator. You may switch to wifi mode and restart your peacock app for buffer-free streaming. 

Step By Step Guide On Troubleshooting Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV

If we talk about the normal speed requirement, 3-4 Mbps is the required genre for the peacock app to stream videos. Your TV may not support the app if the speed is below the range. You can slow the load on your wifi or restart the router if the slow speed problem persists. In the end, you can also contact your internet operator and may change the plan for the TV.

3. Update Your Vizio TV

The software industry is one such industry that needs regular upgradation in the market. And Vizio TV has done a remarkable job of putting its audience first. They have given all sources of apps and technologies to their TVs through their upgraded versions.

The Peacock app was launched in 2016. Unfortunately, if your TV is an older version from that year, your Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV because of the degraded performance. 

Step By Step Guide On Troubleshooting Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV

To upgrade your Vizio TV, follow the steps and enjoy peacock streaming videos easily at home. 

  • Hold on to the v button on your remote
  • Select menu system 
  • Check for any new updates
  • Wait for the TV to surf the new version
  • Once there are any new updates, confirm their installation 
  • Once the software is updated again, restart the TV and enjoy the apps.

4. Clear Your Peacock App Cache

You are a new buyer of Vizio TV. There are some apps the company is already installing, and you cannot delete the apps. But the best option for you in this situation is to delete the app's cache. You can relate the act like clearing the cookies on the internet, which also leads you to remove any software glitches related to the app. 

  • Hold on to the v button on the remote
  • Go to the menu bar
  • Go to apps and click system apps
  • Select the app you need to clear the cache 
  • Press ok

Now check whether you have eliminated the “Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV” issue. 

5. Turn Off Your VPN

This is the most common problem with people. VPN stands for virtual private network. Not all of you have been using the VPN, and those who don't can easily skip the process. Many apps try to block the VPN traffic and do not access themself in the system. Turn off the VPN and try to connect with the peacock app again. 

If you are free and are ready to learn more, consider these,

Final Summary For Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV

Peacock is one of the leading apps of Vizio TV. Because outfits feature, many people are already drawn towards the app. There could also be endless reasons your Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV. But these are some of the major reasons which cause the obstruction. Keeping all the points in mind, again, check your Vizio TV and enjoy your streaming.

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