SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series

Samsung TVs always make their way to every ‘best TV' list on the internet. Their range of smart televisions is made of high-quality materials in different sizes. It has continuously evolved and outdone itself to give you a viewing experience that you will remember for a lifetime. 

SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series


Samsung makes these TVs in six sizes, from 43 inches to 85 inches. This 85inch TV is inexpensive and has a wholesome package of features and benefits to meet your needs. Most 5-star reviews on Amazon boast about the AirSlim design of the television and the smooth yet sharp picture quality. Easy setup and convenience in using it make it popular among buyers. Samsung sure knows how to gain customers' trust and loyalty! 


This 85 inch Samsung TV has a fine layer of crystal that displays millions of colors that look real-like. Dynamic Crystal Colors give you bright and clear images to let you have an incredible viewing experience. 

Crystal Processor 4K is intelligent and upgrades all content in 4K resolution to ensure that you view every detail on screen. 


HDR produces a whole new range of colors and details for a sharp, crisp display. The perfect spectrum of lights and darks. It produces skin tone in excellent quality but does not support a wide color gamut. You can turn on Samsung Contrast Enhancer to create a striking balance between dark and light colors and achieve more details. 

With Motion Xcelerator, you can view all fast-moving action sequences in absolute clarity because it minimizes blur and lag. The low input lag backed with high contrast ratio makes this Samsung Class Crystal TV suitable for gaming. 

So, the blacks look very deep and dark, and the difference between all other colors is apparent. It is surprising to see that even outside the Game Mode, this television has an incredibly low input lag. So if you ever forget to switch to Game Mode before you play, it'll still be fantastic for gaming!

But it is vital to note that it has a somewhat slow response TV which makes the motion appear blurry and creates smearing. Samsung features a Black Frame Insertion to avoid the problem of blurring. We suggest you tweak the settings a little to get the best picture quality.

It is also ideal in bright places as the TV has excellent reflection handling. It is for this feature that most buyers like using this as a PC monitor too. However, it does not have a local dimming feature to back the high contrast ratio. Although the narrow viewing angles are a throw-off, the impressive reflection handling by this Samsung 85 inch Class Crystal television makes it desirable!

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the two built-in 20W speakers of the television is well-balanced and loud. To give you audio in perfect harmony, Q-Symphony generates synchronized sound. With 3 HDMI ports and two USB inputs, you can easily connect a Soundbar to the TV.

Tizen's OS is user-friendly and allows you to watch content from multiple streaming platforms. So, you can browse various content on one single platform. The Universal Guide tailors recommendations based on your likes for convenient exploration of new content. Samsung lets you customize the order of the applications that appear on the main menu and set it as per your preferences. 

If you install the SmartThings app, you can see all compatible devices. That will enable you to control the television and other smart appliances through your smartphone. So, you can simply use your phone to change channels or control the volume, all while you use Tap View.

With Tap View, you can watch the content from your phone on the television screen so that you can enjoy movies, music, and much more. You can seamlessly share the screen from a laptop or desktop nearby and work from home. No more struggling to view the text on a small screen. This gigantic 85-inch television screen will ensure that there is no strain on your eyes. 

Smart Features

This Samsung Class Crystal TV features an AirSlim design that looks sleek and elegant in every room! It blends in with your interior effortlessly and creates a classy look. It has thin bezels surrounding it, and two T-shaped legs are placed vertically high so that you can place an external speaker or other devices in the front. Of course, pricier Samsung TVs are bezel-less and have a center stand, which makes it easier to place the other TVs on a table or entertainment unit. 

You can always wall-mount the TV using VESA measurements 400×300; the slim body of the TV does not protrude and fits tightly against the wall. However, the inputs face backward and thus become nonfunctional. None of us like clutter created by messy and tangled cables. So, this Samsung TV offers a clean cable solution to make your room look sophisticated. This entry-level 4K Samsung TV mostly comprises plastic but has a decent build.

Although the back panel flexes around the inputs, the TV is durable and sturdy. It has a single button below the ‘Samsung' brand name that lets you switch the TV on/off, change volume, and control channels. The remote that it includes is quite small and easy to use. It has a built-in microphone for you to control the TV using voice commands via Alexa, Bixby, or Google Assistant. It also has shortcut buttons to popular streaming channels like Netflix and Prime Video to make navigation easier. 


  • High contrast ratio, making it suitable for gaming and watching movies.
  • Excellent reflection handling, suitable to be used as a PC monitor.
  • AirSlim design blends in every room.


  • Slow response time makes the images blurry and causes smearing.


A budget buy; indeed, this Samsung Class Crystal television has all that you are seeking in your new addition to the room. It is an affordable, entry-level 4K resolution television that gives excellent picture quality backed by the decent sound quality and a friendly interface. If you're looking for a slim, sleek design to go with every interior, you're at the right place! 

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