Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet: How To Fix?

Samsung Smart TV has many features that give the user a high-quality viewing experience. It can tell you the weather reports, give you the facility to access online streaming and enable search on TV, and much more, and to do all these things, you require a strong and continuous internet connection.

Therefore, Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet is the most frustrating issue for any Smart TV user. If your Samsung Smart TV is new, you will rarely face any network-related matters, but if you have changed your network or your Samsung Smart TV is old, the “no internet” issue is more probable.

Suppose you are looking for the answer to “why is my Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet,” you are at the right place. Here we will give you the cause and solution to this issue. So, let's understand why your Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet first.

Reason For Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet

When your Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet, there can be many possible causes behind the problem, and you need to apply a solution according to them. Sometimes the issue is resolved simply by restarting your TV, but other times you have to apply some troubleshooting methods like updating your TV firmware, and in rare cases, you require to put your Smart TV in Factory Reset.

Hence, to quickly resolve your Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet, first, you need to understand the cause carefully. Then you can apply the correct troubleshooting method for your Smart TV. Do not worry. We have detailed all the possible causes of the issues in Samsung TV for not getting the internet on connecting to the network.

Unstable Or Weak Internet connection.

The most frequent and easy-to-resolve cause of internet-related issues in your Samsung TV. If your TV shows, it is connected to the network. But you are not getting the internet. You should check your network signal strength first.

If your network signal is weak or unstable, your TV may lose internet connectivity even if connected to the network. Similarly, if your network strength fluctuates, it can create the same problem.

Therefore, to resolve this, you must boost your network or change the position of your router or use wifi repeater, especially if you are facing this issue frequently.

Incorrect Network Setting On Your Samsung TV

Another possible reason for getting this “Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet” problem is your incorrect internet setting or connection to the wrong DNS server. 

To work on the Internet DNS server is quite important, but if your network setting is incorrect, you may not be able to access the internet on your Samsung TV through both wired and wireless service.

Therefore, you must check your DNS setting and connect to the correct DNS Server. We have provided you with a solution below by which you can resolve this issue. Click here if your Samsung TV IP Auto Setting Failed.

Outdated Firmware On Your TV.

Samsung Smart TV works similarly to your smartphone. Hence like your smart hand gadget, it also needs regular updates to function smoothly. Especially if your Samsung TV is old, then for normal functioning, you must update your firmware.

If your firmware is outdated, many of the functions on the TV will stop working, including your internet.

Thankfully, Samsung frequently releases updates according to TV model and location. To resolve Internet accessibility issues, you can update your firmware. This will not only be helpful for network-related matters but also fix any other minor problem for Samsung TV.

Network Security Protocols May Cause Interference:

In most cases, your Samsung TV is set on the default setting to access your network, which works completely fine. But if you have adjusted your network protocol setting for any reason, you need to affirm that it is not blocking your TV from accessing the internet.

This reason is also the cause for Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet. You can resolve this by resetting the network setting or calling your internet service provider to resolve the issue.

How To Troubleshoot Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet?

We have already outlined all the possible causes for Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet. Now let's talk about the possible solution for resolving all these issues. We have described the solution in detail. You can read them below:

Improve Your WIFI Signal:

You must first check your internet signal strength to resolve the weak or inconsistent signal issue. In Samsung Smart TV, you can check your internet connection strength by following these steps:

  • Go to Home Screen and navigate to Settings.
  • Inside Settings, select General.
  • Now select network
  • Choose Open Network Setting to open it.
  • Now select Wireless.

By doing this, you can see the number of bars your internet connection has. Your network connection is weak or fluctuating if it has one or two bars.

  • To improve the WIFI signal, you need to place the router near your TV and ensure that a wall or any other interference does not block it.
  • Also, ensure there are no other electronic devices in the room that generate electromagnetic signals, like a microwave. It can cause hindrance in the WIFI signal.
  • Aside from these two, it would help if you also saw that you had not connected too many devices from the network, which may result in weak signals.
  • In addition, you can use a repeater to strengthen your WIFI signal.

Check The TV Network Setting And Ensure They Are Correct.

We have already explained the importance of the right DNS server for an internet connection. Now we will tell you the method by Which you can set your network setting.

Troubleshoot methods for Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet
  • Take your Samsung remote and press the Home button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Inside Setting, you will see the Network option. Choose it.
  • Now select Network Status in the drop-down menu.
  • After it, select IP Settings.
  • Inside IP settings, scroll down to the DNS server option. Here, you will get two choices to obtain automatically and enter manually. Choose the second one.
  • Type inside the DNS server
  • Save confirmation to complete the process.

Update Firmware:

Samsung released firmware updates according to TV model and area. To update your Samsung TV firmware, you require to follow these steps:

  • Take your TV remote and press the Home button
  • Now navigate to Settings
  • Inside the Setting menu, go to Support
  • Now select Software Update
  • If there is an update available, select Update Now.
  • Your TV will start downloading the update
  • After downloading, the TV will restart itself.

Suppose your Samsung TV Power Button Not Working; here is what to do.

Reset Network Security Protocol:

Check your Network security protocol to see if any additional setting is causing the hindrance to your internet connection. You can also reset the network to restore its default setting by going to Settings>  general / All Settings> Network> Reset network. This will restore the previous Setting of the network.

Troubleshoot steps for Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet

Advance Troubleshooting Methods

By chance, if your Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet problem is still present, you need to take some advanced troubleshooting steps.

Resetting Your Samsung TV

This method is effective, but the last option is to resolve your Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet issue in which you must perform Factory Reset on your Smart TV. 

This solution will restore the original settings of your TV, which means it will delete all your data and customization and return to its state as if it was coming from the factory. You can do this by going to Settings> General > Reset.

You will need to enter your PIN. If you have not changed the PIN, enter 0000 and select yes to start Factory Reset. Learn how to Samsung TV Hard Reset Without Screen.

Contact Manufacturer

By any chance, if the issue persists now. Then you need to contact Samsung customer service and schedule a technician appointment. Because sometimes there can be hidden discrepancies that we can not identify by ourselves.

Wrapping Up Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet

We hope this article resolved the Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet issue. We have listed all the outcomes and solutions like weak signal strength, correcting internet settings, updating firmware, and ensuring the right network protocol.

All these issues are easily resolvable. Therefore before enlisting professional help, you must try this troubleshooting method to fix the problem without further hassle.

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