Samsung TV Dark On One Side: How To Resolve?

Samsung TV is the most popular TV brand and provides various features and high-quality viewing experiences. But sometimes Samsung TV has an issue where one side of the TV becomes dark. This Samsung TV Dark on One Side issue is not so rare. Many people nowadays face this issue

This problem, “Samsung TV Dark on One Side,” can occur due to a backlight defect, a cable connection fault, or an incorrect setting. Sometimes it can occur due to HDMI cable damage and firmware outdated also cause such issues. 

Similarly, there are various ways to resolve this situation. In this article, you will get an answer to “why my Samsung TV dark on one side and methods to fix this issue.” Here, we will cover all the possible causes and solutions and any helpful information regarding this topic.

Reason For Samsung TV Dark on One Side.

If one part of your TV is dark and the other shows a clear picture, you do not have to worry. This is a common issue, and resolving it requires little effort. But first, you need to understand the possible causes that may create this problem on TV. 

Only by understanding can we resolve the problem and apply suitable troubleshooting methods. Therefore, the reason behind your Samsung TV Dark on One Side is listed below.

  • Defective HDMI Cable
  • Firmware requires an update
  • Faulty TV screen
  • Backlight can be damaged.
  • Hardware related issue

To understand and fix this Samsung TV Dark on One Side, let's discuss them in detail.

Troubleshooting Methods For Samsung TV Dark on One Side

We have already told you about the possible causes of Samsung TV Dark on One Side. Now let's understand how these points are generating this problem and methods to fix it.

Defective HDMI Cable:

High-Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is widely used as a transmission cable for TV. You can find HDMI ports on a large number of Samsung TV models.

If you are using your Samsung TV for a long duration, there is a chance that your TV's HDMI cable can get damaged from long-term use or the HDMI port can get damaged by frequent unplugging and plugins.

If either of the situations is present, it will disrupt the smooth transmission of audio and video signals. That is why your Samsung TV Dark on One Side in these circumstances. To check the HDMI cable status, follow this step.

Troubleshooting Methods For Samsung TV Dark on One Side

For newer Samsung TV model

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Device Care and select Self Diagnosis.
  • In this menu, select HDMI troubleshooting.
  • Now choose the cable you want to test and perform the given instruction.

For Older Samsung TV model

  • To test the HDMI cable, ensure that the TV source is HDMI, then go to Settings.
  • Inside the Setting menu, navigate to Support.
  • Now choose Self Diagnosis, and after it, select Signal Information.
  • At last select HDMI Cable Test to start the testing process.

If your TV  HDMI test tells you the HDMI cable is defective, replace it as soon as possible to resolve the issue. You can perform the test manually if you use any other Samsung model that does not have the Device Care or Self Diagnosis option.

You need to switch off the TV and check to unplug each cable and examine them with care, and also check if the port is not damaged. After testing, manually replace the cable which has visible wear and tears. After it, complete the process by plugging back all the cables in the previous position securely and tightly. Switch on the TV to check whether the issue is resolved.

Firmware Require an Update:

Nowadays, TVs are smart gadgets that continuously develop themselves to keep pace with the latest technology development. That is why you get a regular update for your Samsung TV firmware after a specific interval.

However, updating is not the only way to get new settings. It is also a method by which manufacturers resolve minor bugs and malfunctions in the software. So, if you have not updated your firmware for a long time, it can create multiple issues, including black spots on one side of the screen. Therefore follow these instructions to update the firmware of Samsung TV.

Troubleshooting Methods For Samsung TV Dark on One Side
  • Turn on your TV and press the Home button on your TV’s remote.
  • Now navigate to the Setting menu.
  • Choose Support.
  • Select Software Update to start the process.
  • Now your TV will check the available update, and if present, it will start downloading the updates.
  • After the completion, your TV will restart itself. Check to see whether the issue is resolved.
  • We recommend you put your TV on Auto Update Setting that will automatically download the update on availability to avoid such malfunction in your TV.

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Faulty TV Screen:

Suppose you have picture-related issues with your software. In that case, it makes sense that you must examine your Samsung TV screen because a faulty TV screen or video controller is another main reason for generating a one-sided black screen. 

You can resolve the black part by performing a soft reset on your TV. Follow the given instruction to perform a soft reset on your Samsung TV.

  1. You first must switch off your TV with the remote or the On/Off button on the TV panel.
  2. Now unplug the power cord from the wall socket. Examine the power cord and wall outlet carefully for evidence of damage. If you find any impairment in either of these two, replace them with newer ones.
  3. Now leave your TV for 5 minutes. If you use surge, protect and close it for now.
  4. After waiting, plug the power cord into the wall outlet and switch on your TV. Now check your screen for blind spots.
  5. If this method does not fix your faulty TV screen, you need to contact the TV manufacturer for help.

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Defect in Backlight:

Your TV screen is illuminated by a backlight that gives a clear picture of your screen. If for some reason, your backlight has some defect or is not performing its function, the TV screen panel will appear black.

If the method mentioned above does not work for you, the possible cause of your Samsung TV Dark on One Side is the backlight ceases to work on your Samsung TV.

To confirm or test your backlight, you can follow this step. Close all light sources in the room in which you kept your TV. Then, switch on your TV and observe the black part. If you can see an image of the black part, then a backlight defect is the cause of your TV getting one black side spot.

Now the most crucial part is how to resolve defective backlight issues. The answer is simple: replace your TV. If your TV is in the warranty period, you will get a replacement from the company side.

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Unfortunately, if your warranty period is expired, you must replace your TV because the backlight is as costly as a new TV. Therefore getting it repaired is not a feasible solution.

Hardware-Related Issue:

Samsung TV owns its popularity due to its durability. It uses the high-quality component to provide a premium viewing experience to users. This means it relies heavily on its part to provide quality pictures.

However, in rare cases, your TV can suffer from hardware malfunction or defect, causing black spots on your TV screen. Hardware malfunctions do not let your TV usually operate. In addition, hardware issues require professional technical help to resolve. You cannot solve it at home.

Therefore if any of the methods mentioned earlier do not work for you to resolve Samsung TV Dark on One Side, there is a probability that your Samsung TV screen is having an issue.

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Hopefully, one of the methods has worked for you in resolving the Samsung TV Dark on One Side problem. 

But by chance, you still have the Samsung TV Dark on One Side, or the problem is returned after some time. It is best if you contact Samsung customer service for help, and if your TV is under warranty, you can claim it and replace or repair it for free.

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