Samsung TV Power Button Not Working: How To Fix?

At times, the Smart TV might undergo a situation wherein the Samsung TV Power Button Not Working, and the TV will not turn on, no matter how hard you try.

Well, Samsung TV Power Button Not Working is a common problem faced by people who own a Samsung TV, and they are habitual going through this issue for years irrespective of the latest Samsung models they have. But not to worry, as this issue is pretty easy to fix. Let us know how. 

Why Is My Samsung TV Power Button Not Working?

Users of Samsung TV, that too, the ones operating the advanced models of the TV, often complain of a common problem that the power button of their Samsung TV is not working. There could be several reasons for the issue. However, the best part is that this glitch can quickly get resolved if it is not because of any severe damage. The following are the possible reasons behind the “Samsung TV Power Button Not Working.” 

1. Damaged Power Button 

The most obvious reason if the Samsung TV Power Button Not Working is damage.

The internal built or the hardware of your Samsung TV might be damaged or disrupted, and this could be causing an issue with the working of the power button. In such a case, you should either contact customer service support if your TV is under warranty period or get the power button replaced.

2. Loose Power Cable Connection

Make sure that the power cables are connected well in their respective places. Loose power cable connections would hinder the precise power supply, and the power supply might err. It would further lead to dysfunctionality in operating your Samsung TV's power button. Also, check that the power supply from the main outlet is proper and continuous. 

3. Technical Glitch Or Corrupt System

Another reason the Samsung TV Power Button Not Working could be because of some glitch in the software, or the overall system could be corrupt. With a corrupt and damaged system, a similar problem might occur again. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the root cause of the issue before trying to resolve it. 

What To Do If Samsung TV Power Button Not Working?

If the Samsung TV Power Button Not Working, you need to try the basic troubleshooting methods that you can easily carry out on your own, and you do not need to call for technical assistance for the same. The problem might exist due to some fundamental hindrance in the hardware or software. The following are the ways to rectify the issue-

1. Restart The TV

Restarting your Samsung TV can be one of the best troubleshooting methods if the issue is minor and there is no damage in the internal settings of your Samsung TV.

To restart your Samsung TV, keep it on and then unplug it for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, plug in the TV to the main outlet and check whether the power button is working.

2. Check The Power Cord And Outlets

Check all the power cords connected to your Samsung TV and the main outlet. None of the power cables should be broken, damaged, or fried, as any of these factors can result in the power button not working.

If you find that the power cords or outlets are damaged, replace or repair them as soon as possible, and then the problem will be resolved easily if it is a minor one.

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3. Factory Reset The TV

Although factory resetting your Samsung TV would mean you will lose all the saved data and apps from the Samsung TV, it is considered an effective troubleshooting method to resolve the “Samsung TV Power Button Not Working.”

To factory reset a Samsung TV, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Click on the “Home” button on the remote of your Samsung TV.
  • Further, go to Settings>General Reset.
  • The TV will ask you for a security PIN. Enter 0000 if you have never set a PIN before.
  • After a few minutes, your TV will start again, and the problem might not persist.
What To Do If Samsung TV Power Button Not Working?

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4. Update The TV's Software

Sometimes, there could be pending updates in your Samsung TV, because of which the power button might not work.

To update the software of your Samsung TV-

  • Press the “Home” button on your Samsung TV remote.
  • In “Settings,” search “Support.”
  • Click on it and then select “Software Update.”
  • You will get an option of “Update Now.” Click on it, and the software will get updated after that.
What To Do If Samsung TV Power Button Not Working?

5. Testing The TV With A Different Remote Or Power Button

To check the root cause of the Samsung TV Power Button Not Working problem, you should test your Samsung TV with a different remote or power button. If your TV works with another remote or power button, you need to replace either the remote or the power button or both if it is required to eliminate the problem.

What If The Issue Still Persists?

At times, the power button of your Samsung TV might show dysfunctionality even after making enough effort and trying the basic troubleshooting methods. Then, you should always go for advanced troubleshooting methods. They are-

1. Open The TV And Inspect The Power Button And Connections

When the above-listed troubleshooting steps do not work for your Samsung TV Power Button Not Working, you are expected to unplug the TV from the source and ensure that no additional wires are attached to the TV.

Then open the TV and inspect the power button. Check if all the connections are perfectly fitted in place and if none are loose. In case of loose connections, fix it, and the issue will be rectified. 

2. Use A Multimeter To Test The TV's Power Supply

Secondly, you are required to check the TV's power supply. For that, you can use a multimeter. If the power supply is continuous and proper, then the issue is in the hardware of your Samsung TV. If not, ensure that the source of appropriate supply is stable. 

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3. Seek Professional Repair Services

Lastly, if you can not find a permanent solution to the problem and the issue continues to bother you repeatedly, it is best to seek assistance from professional repair services. Also, you can always contact customer service support to help you resolve the issue.

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Final Words On Samsung TV Power Button Not Working

If the Samsung TV Power Button Not Working, the first thing that you should begin with is by restarting the TV. Unplugging and plugging it in after a few minutes might resolve the issue. Further, try a more reliable troubleshooting method: reset your Samsung TV. However, that would mean losing your saved data.

You must also check if the power cords and outlets are correctly installed and connected. Loose connections can sometimes lead to dysfunctionality in the power button of your Samsung TV. Check if your Samsung TV requires an update. If it does, provide an update to get rid of the problem. Not updating your Samsung TV timely can cause sudden turning off the device. 

If the basic troubleshooting methods do not work, you should try opening your Samsung TV to check for internal damage caused by the hardware or software of the TV. If there is any problem that you can acknowledge, it is always better to call the customer service support team for further assistance. You can also call a technician to rectify the Samsung TV Power Button Not Working issue. 

Also, your responsibility is to maintain your TV correctly and prevent such issues. For that, it is advised that you unplug your Samsung TV during storms, as there is a risk of damaging the device once and for all. Also, you should check on cleaning your TV frequently to prevent any damage to the device.

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