Samsung TV Smart Remote Not Working: How To Fix?

Samsung smart TVs rank at the top continuously with shining and stunning displays! Even though they are the brightest smart TVs, there is nothing more annoying than the Samsung TV smart remote not working while rushing to watch our live TV shows. 

Although smart TVs today come with physical buttons or touch control panels that help to access them, no one wants to get up and use these controls to access the channels or stream online content. With this in mind, we have curated this article with many methods and tips to troubleshoot if your Samsung TV smart remote is not working as before. 

So let us jump in without any second thoughts. 

Troubleshooting Methods If The Samsung TV Smart Remote Not Working

Suppose your Samsung TV smart remote not working. Don't worry. You are not alone, and here are multiple solutions you can try to fix the issue. 

Check The Batteries In The Remote

The first and most obvious step is checking your batteries, which will be forgotten by most of us. There are a few people who only worry about the battery life of the remote once the Samsung TV smart remote not working. The remote will not work if the batteries are damaged or corroded. 

Open the battery compartment of your remote and take out the batteries. Check the compartment terminals and batteries for any discoloration, rust, or traces of white powder. As these are the symptoms of old batteries. Moreover, clean the battery compartment using a dry cloth. Then place fresh batteries inside the compartment. 

If you have fixed your “Samsung TV smart remote not working” problem, you can notice that the batteries are the problem. Hereafter make a point to remember that you should always use fresh and AAA batteries inside the remote compartment. 

Even though TV remotes don't need a lot of power, you always have to get long-lasting or rechargeable batteries so you can worry-free from dying batteries. 

Confirm The Pairing Process

If you have a newer model of Samsung TV, your remote might be connected using a Bluetooth connection. Similar to other Bluetooth devices, sometimes your Samsung smart TV remote might get disconnected from the TV, which results in your Samsung TV smart remote not working. 

Troubleshooting Methods If The Samsung TV Smart Remote Not Working

Hence urge to the connected devices section in the settings panel of your Samsung TV and ensure that the remote is paired and connected correctly. If not connected, press and hold the return and play or pause button on the Samsung TV for about 5 seconds. By doing so, you are initiating the pairing process in the Samsung TV. 

Inspect The Network Quality

The Samsung smart TVs and the remote need an active and stable internet connection to function correctly. Likewise, Samsung remotes use Bluetooth connection to connect to the TV. Such issues like obstructions, range, connectivity, and even a few others problem make the Samsung TV smart remote not working. 

Samsung suggests that the smart TV remote should only be 10m from the TV to work correctly. Moreover, remember to remove any obstructions blocking the path from the IR sensor and the smart TV. 

Similarly, for connectivity issues, we suggest you pair the remote again. In case your Samsung smart TV is connected to the internet using a wired connection, unplug the ethernet cable and check for any damages. If there is any damage, you are required to get a replacement. 

Click here if your Samsung TV Connected To Network But Not Internet.

Check For Interferences 

As mentioned earlier, many smart TVs recently come with Bluetooth remotes. While this offers better signals, there can be a few things you have to be aware of. 

Troubleshooting Methods If The Samsung TV Smart Remote Not Working

If you use many Bluetooth devices, all of them cause interference with each other, and so sometimes the Samsung TV smart remote not working. Thus if you are facing this situation, make sure to reduce the usage of Bluetooth devices at the respective time and, if possible, avoid unnecessary Bluetooth devices. Then check whether you have troubleshot the “Samsung TV smart remote not working” problem. 

Try To Use A New Wifi Module

Though this is a rare case, you have to try this also! Samsung smart TVs come with wifi modules and an IR sensor. As you are familiar with smart TVs, you know that a TV remote uses an IR sensor to send signals to the TV. However, if there is a fault in the IR sensor, the TV can't be able to detect or send signals. 

Hence, consider changing to a new Wifi module for the Samsung smart TV. Usually, the wifi modules are affordable and can be easily installed in smart TVs. 

Clean The Remote Sensors

Sometimes the Samsung TV smart remote not working might be because of the dirty IR sensors. Commonly, we use our remote after having a snack, meal, or even juice, and as a result, the smart remote becomes dirty and oily.

Hence, in some situations, these specks of dirt block the IR sensor in the remote, resulting in the Samsung TV smart remote not working. Therefore use any surface cleaner solution and a fiber cloth to clean the IR sensor neatly. Once it is done, try controlling Samsung smart TV using the remote and check whether it is working. 

Use The Remote Control Application

Do you order a replacement remote for your Samsung TV and waiting for it to arrive? We know how frustrating the waiting time would be, and thankfully there is another alternative solution for using a remote. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can use a Samsung remote control app to control the smart TV. 

You can use this Samsung remote control app with an internet connection to control the Samsung smart TV, and trust me. This is one of the best temporary solutions. 

Reset Your Samsung Remote

You can reset the Samsung smart TV remote in several ways depending on your TV model. Remove the remote batteries from the compartment. Hold the “power button” for 8 – 10 seconds. Then insert the batteries inside the compartment and check if you have fixed the Samsung TV smart remote not working. 

Troubleshooting Methods If The Samsung TV Smart Remote Not Working

Another more straightforward method is to press and hold the back button and the circular enter button for 10 seconds to reset the remote to factory settings. Once the resetting is done, you need to pair the remote again with the Samsung TV. 

Hold the remote closer to the sensor, press and hold the back button and play or pause the button simultaneously for 5 seconds or until you see the pairing notification on the screen. We guess your remote would work like before once the pairing is successful. 

If your Samsung TV Power Button Not Working, here are some quick solutions.

Update The Samsung TV Software

Samsung TVs often receive software updates to increase the performance of the device. While many updates are completed automatically, there are some situations where you need to update manually if the smart TV missed one! 

If you are using the old version or behind the updates, you might notice some issues or the TV acting oddly, like being slower than usual or even failing to connect to the internet. So there might be chances that your Samsung TV smart remote not working because of old software. 

To update your Samsung TV software, 

  • Click on the settings option from the main screen
  • Choose software updates
  • If you see an update available, choose to install them immediately
  • Once the update is over, your TV will restart automatically
  • Now try giving various commands and check whether the remote is working well. 

Reset The Samsung Smart TV

Even though updating the Samsung TV fix many problems, there can still be a few issues, and there comes the necessity to reset the Samsung smart TV. By resetting, you are changing all the settings to factory default which resolves all your problems, even Samsung TV Turning On Off Repeatedly Itself

Below are the steps you should follow for a resetting process; 

  • Start by pressing and holding the power button on the remote for 5 seconds until the TV restarts
  • Still, if there is a problem, unplug the TV from the wall socket 
  • Press the “power button” on your Samsung smart TV (about 5 to 6 seconds) and release it
  • Wait for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Then plug the TV back into the wall socket 

Now check whether you have resolved the Samsung TV smart remote not working. 

Opt For A Universal Remote Control

Getting a replacement remote directly from Samsung is a good idea. Also, we suggest you try using a universal remote controller for your Samsung smart TV. It not only helps you access the TV but also comes in handy. In other words, if your Samsung TV smart remote not working, using a universal remote is another easy option. 

Make Use Of A Wireless Keyboard

Another alternative to accessing the smart TV if your Samsung TV smart remote is not working is the wireless keyboard. This is our last option if you have tried all other fixes and still encountering the same problem. 

The wireless keyboard gives you a touchpad within it for easy navigation, and the keyboard keys are helpful for typing. Furthermore, you can use the power button to turn ON the Samsung smart TV. 

In Summary: Samsung TV Smart Remote Not Working

Apart from all the features offered by Samsung, the included remote is considered the most favorite and handy smart accessory. Whether to change the channel, stream content, or increase volume, the first thing we search for is the remote. 

And for some reason, if your Samsung TV smart remote not working, you can use these solutions mentioned above and fix your remote problem.

To the final point, leave your thoughts in the comment section about the solution that helped you overcome the issue. 

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