How to Sell 3d models Online? 9 Best Places to sell

It has never been easier than it is now to produce Sell 3D Models. You can work with many 3D modeling programs to create useful and dynamic displays. The Blender, Autodesk 3ds, SketchUp and FreeCAD programs can help you to create any kind of model you wish to work with.

The best part is that you can make money off of all those 3D models you produce. People are always looking for 3D models online. These include groups like engineers, animators, game design companies and much more. If there’s a group out there that needs 3D models, the odds are that entity might want what you are offering.

Sell 3d Models

The good news is that you have many places to consider when finding spots that you can sell 3D models at. Each of these places will provide you with good deals for getting your content sold off. But you should look around well to figure out what sites might be right for your desires when you are trying to sell your 3D models to others.

How To Sell 3d Models Online?

Some places focus on certain types of models above others. Many sites also have their own terms for how much you can get off of royalties for whatever you have for sale.


Start your search at TurboSquid. This site has a simple 3D model search interface. Just enter in keywords to find models or texture maps. The models are organized by category with car, character, animal, building and vehicle models available.

You can not only get your 3D models uploaded to TurboSquid, but you can also get up to 80 percent royalties on what you are offering. The lowest you would get is 40 percent.

You have the option to get pay through PayPal or by wire transfer among other things. The infrastructure that TurboSquid has set up for its clients have made it a popular place for those who are looking to get their work out to more places.

There are lot of more platforms to sell 3d models in 2019 and I have found the nine best places to sell your 3d models in online and hope the best models to purchase…

Be advised that you would have to be an exclusive provider to TurboSquid to get access to the best royalties. You might also consider the guild program that lets you get access to appealing projects and tasks for handling your content.

This gives you more control over everything you want to do with your TurboSquid experience. This is a point that will be repeated a few times in this listing. Many sites will give you more money if you choose to exclusively list your designs there.

This would reduce the reach you have for products, so it might work best if you have more experience on a site or you know that a site is working better for your sales than other places. Be aware of this when planning your efforts for marketing your content.

2.Plan Marketplace

Perhaps you like to make 3D models of buildings and room plans. You can sell your models at Plan Marketplace. Your models can be offered to people who need creative designs for whatever they want to produce and build. You can get a 60 percent payment on your work.

This is ideal if you are interested in architecture and want to share and sell your attractive designs with others.

Those who produce their 3D models off of CAD can work with one of many attractive displays for getting money. The CAD file format is the most popular one utilized by Plan Marketplace, but some other formats are supported.

Now you can get commercial use for your own best sell 3D models 2019 designs in Vectary, one thing left to do is finding a good place to sell products.

Check the site to see what you can get out of your work through Plan Marketplace.


People can share their 3D models and sell them at Renderosity. The place does well with both 3D and 2D designs. You can also advertise your content on the site for free, thus giving you quick access to convenient features for getting your designs ready and available to more people.

The site is popular for offering a learning interface. You can use this to learn all about how to produce great sell 3D models and what to do when sharing them. Your experience with handling your content gives you the golden opportunity to get more out of your designs and how you will produce them.

4.3D Export

3D Export has been in the field of selling 3D models since 2004. As one of the more experienced sites for models, 3D Export offers help for people who are looking to sell off and provide people with appealing designs and displays for many uses.

The appealing features that come with what 3D Export offers will provided you with opportunities to make up to 70 percent on your content provided you best sell 3d models are an exclusive contributor. You can still get at least 50 percent on a sale if you are not an exclusive contributor with them.

In addition to 3D models, you can also sell 3D print models and low-poly models. These can be offered to people who are interested in distinct and vibrant displays.

The low-poly models are designed with video game use in mind. These are ones that people can use with animations to prepare moving images and points that work in any gaming environment.

A good thing about the licensing rate is that it is a non-exclusive deal out here. With this, you have more control over how you are managing your content and making it available to people.

Don’t forget that the site has a good design all around, thus making it easy for people to find your work there.

5.CG Trader

CG Trader is great if you want to find an appealing place that offers more royalties. You can get up to 90 percent in sales from royalties off of this site. It is easier for people who have more experience and more items for sale to get towards these big royalty totals, but it is possible if you work well enough at it.

The great thing about CG Trader is that you can get your work divided up by one of many categories. You can get your content sorted based on categories for animals, vehicles, furniture, interior design items and much more.

The design of the site makes it easy for people to find your content. You can even use this to offer 3D printing models, 3D models and also some low-res models for games. The interface for loading up your models is also easy to follow as it gives you a simple approach for managing your content that you are bound to love.

An important point to note is that you have to climb up the ladder on CG Trader to get the most royalties. The site offers thirteen reputation levels.

Those who start out can get up to 70 percent in sales, but you might move up after a while based on how productive you are, how many things you sell and the ratings people are giving you. Those who are trusted the most and sell more of their items to people will get better sales.


Sometimes you might design 3D models to be used with physical products in mind. You can get your models sold to Shapeways to help you get money off of the items that you have designed.

Shapeways will take your 3D models and make dynamic physical products off of them. These models can be used to create jewelry, phone cases, various types of clothes and much more. Dozens of materials and finishes are available, so the odds are your 3D model will come with support for something that adds a fine appearance.

You can even get the items you design drop shipped to countries around the world. Shapeways provides you with a solution for making your designs stand out.

This place is clearly different as it focuses on 3D printing. Fortunately, 3D printing is not as difficult to get into as you might think. With the technology becoming more commonplace and prevalent, it is increasingly easy for people to use printers to create something out of their 3D models.

Shapeways helps you take advantage of the 3D printing environment with a design you will surely love.

You can determine the markup that you want to charge when getting something off of Shapeways. You might have to spend extra on the process of producing the items. The physical printing process will be extensive, but it can work for you when you get a good plan running to sell your wares to enough people.


The next choice you have to work with is Cults3D. This is for when you want to take the 3D models you have made and sell products off of them by working with 3D printable objects.

You can get any 3D model converted into a physical item that can be sold to people, but you must make sure your model file is clear and easy to produce. You can ask for a sample of what you are making if needed too, although you might have to pay extra to make it work for you.

In any case, Cults3D gives you generous royalties for when you have appealing products that you want to sell. The simple layout of what Cults3D has to offer will provide you with a fine way to get the most out of the work you are putting in, so see what this site has to offer when you are trying to create something attractive.


CreativeCrash is rather new, but much of it is based off of Highend3D, a now defunct modeling site. The big difference is that it costs money to get 3D models from Creative Crash while Highend3D did not charge anything to its users.

You can sell not only 3D models on CreativeCrash but also scripts and plugins that can work alongside those models. Character rigs that include details on how such figures might act can be found on the site as well.

You can offer your work here if you are experienced with creating such special features and you want to make your content more interesting.

You can also get a 55 percent royalty on non-exclusive sales. People who offer exclusive sales can get 70 percent or more, but that total varies based on the seller’s reputation with the site. Sellers would have to offer more products and get great ratings to get the best total values.

9.Daz 3D

The last place to visit is Daz 3D, a place that might look overwhelming to some because of how extensive the place is. But the main thing about Daz 3D is that it simplifies the process for submitting content.

People can get their content out by using the right 3D image files and by using the appropriate descriptions for what they have to offer.

There are lot more platforms to sell 3d models in 2019 and I have found the best sell 3d models 2019 in my places to sell your online and hope the products …

This is great for when you want to sell models to people who need CG content but do not know much about how to model. You can also get around 50 percent in sales off of your work or 65 percent if you use an exclusivity plan.

How To Choose The Best Sell 3d Models?

You should look around to see what you can find when getting your 3D models sold off. These places are all good ones that have many opportunities for you to follow when getting a sell 3D models 2019 available to the public.

Be sure to see what you can choose from when finding a site that will help you get money off of the models you produce. Be aware of the royalties that you can get and the types of products that you can sell off of those models.

But no matter what you choose, you will have to be persistent and capable of producing quality designs. Those who can do more with the things they create will surely get the most out of the work they are producing.

Watch what you are doing with your design plans so you can get a better profit. Check on each site to see which is right for you so you could consider an exclusivity deal with a place to earn more money from your work.

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