SiteGround India Review: Is It Good For Indian Visitors?

SiteGround India is not yet another company that is providing luck warm faiths to their customers. In fact, they are the leader in business lasting for more than a decade has got around 450,000 domains registered since 2007 and thus we can understand how popular it is.

Through this article, Find SiteGround Black Friday Deals to get 70% discounts on all SiteGround plans and at webcrazies I talk about SiteGround India reviews and also tell you why I use them for all our sites and 

SiteGround India Review

There are many factors that makes a hosting company the best. You can't buy a hosting just because its cheap, after all you are going to host a website which will earn money for you directly or indirectly.

Given below are some factors that are best provided by SiteGround and I have personally experienced it.


Uptime is one of the most important factor that you should take care. If you have huge amount of downtime, you will loose many customers and thus a huge drop in sales and revenue. SiteGround is proven to provide almost 100% of uptime in a month and this shows how reliable and good their servers are.

My site is 100% up for the past one year.

Our website is live since 2+ years on SiteGround and I have never observed any downtime of more than 1 to 2 minutes in a month.

Isn't that great? I feel its awesome.

Get an account with SiteGround for $3.95/month

Faster performance

I launched this website on SiteGround since the first day. After the complete setup I have tested the website for speed and to my surprise, the website loading speed is just around 350ms which is amazingly best considering BlueHost takes 2000ms to load. Another thing that I have noticed is that this speed is consistent so far.

I never faced any issues when it comes to performance and I really love SiteGround for this. 

Apart from it, you can also check my website reports from GTMetrix. Its blazing fast with 95 Pagespeed score and 85+ on Yslow

[alert-note]You really don't need a developer to get this score. Its all simple, thanks to SiteGround efficient hosting architecture.[/alert-note]

One of my friend asked for Pingdom results, so here it is

[button-green url=”” target=”_self” position=”center”][/button-green]

Customer Support:-

What I personally feel is, if the support of a hosting provider is good, the complete hosting can be rated as good because if you have any issues, support is always there to help you. SiteGround support is really awesome. I never had a waiting time of more than one minutes.

Here comes the chat I made with SiteGround representative. Our chat got connected in seconds and the questions I raised is “Tell me a reason why I should host with SiteGround irrespective of other top hosting companies?”

Here comes the reply

Ivelin V.: First of all, you saw how fast I picked up the chat – its always like that here and you will never have to wait to have your questions answered, be it over chat or phone, whereas with most other places, you have to wait like 10-15 minutes just to be connected

Ivelin V.: So that is the first major difference people notice

Ivelin V.: Other than that, we just do a lot to create the best hosting environment here – all servers use LXC containers which are proven to be the most reliable type of server

Ivelin V.: And we have all the latest technologies like PHP 7.1, CDN, our own nginx based caching system for better speed and a lot more

Ivelin V.: If there is anything specific that you are mostly looking for in a host, just tell me what it is, I will love to explain how we do it here

Can you remember a hosting company that connects in seconds? SiteGround is really awesome when it comes to treating customers and here you go with our 60% OFF link for SiteGround

Auto Managed WordPress Hosting:-

SiteGround is providing managed WordPress hosting. This means the beginners who doesn't know more about hosting will get the benefit, the hosting company will manage everything related to security, updates, server performance, maintenance and backups.

This thing is considered as the best because you can concentrate on other works and let the hosting company handle everything in the back end.

You also get access to the WordPress super cacher and Free CDN with 34 locations. These features will make your website good in terms of performance all over the web.

If you are a technically sound guy, you get a good stuffs like WordPress staging environment. You get Git and WP-CLI as pre installed and thus you can easily customize your WordPress as per your need.

Free Security add ins:-

Security is one of the major factor not only for me but for all the webmasters because it’s the biggest threat as your website is always online. This is one of the biggest reason why I recommend SiteGround as they provide many security add ons for free.

When you host your website with SiteGround, you get SpamAssassin, IP address blocklist, SpamExperts, Leech protect and hotlink protection. If you are interested in SSL, then they have certain plans that will give you free SSL as well.

If you want to add more security you can opt for HackAlert which is a tool that scans your website daily and sends you notification if the website is been hacked or may get hacked for just $1 per month.

Free Website Migration:-

If you have a website that you want to transfer ,do it as its completely free.

They will transfer your website in such a way that your website wont go down even for 1 second in between the process. That’s where support expertise comes to light.

This SiteGround India reviews helps you to start your own blog with the help of manged WordPress hosting from them.

Data Center Locations:-

The location of data centers plays a vital role. It’s a fact that the nearer the data center is the better performance you will get. So if you are targeting the audience from a specific location, you must try to get the data center from the nearest location possible.

SiteGround have installed their data centers in the most premium location providing the best performance. Their data centers are located in the following regions.

  • Chicago, US
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Milan, IT
  • Singapore, SG

Choose nearest location possible to serve your visitors better.

Plans they have

When it comes to shared hosting, they have got three plans which I have explained below

Startup Plan:–  This is the most basic plan and I am using this plan on my website. The price of this plan is $3.95/month in which you get 10GB of storage.

This plan allows only 10,000 visitors per month. Reason why I am recommending this plan is because, for a its very difficult for a new website to get 150 visitors per day and thus, there is no need to spend much money initially.

But as your website start getting good amount of visitors you can easily upgrade your plan with just some clicks.

GrowBig Plan:– This is the mid range plan which cost $7.49/month. You can host multiple website on this plan as it provides 20GB of storage. This plan can handle 25000 visitors per month which means around 900 visitors per day.

With this plan you get 1 year free SSL and you can make 30 backups of your website. You also get super cacher which will boost up your website’s speed to a huge.

GoGeek Plan:– This is the biggest plan they have and costs around $14.95/month. You will get 30GB of storage which is more than sufficient. You can host multiple websites on this plan and this plan handle 100,000 visitors per month.

This plan comes integrated with SuperCacher, 1 Year free SSL and you can make 30 backups of your website.

SiteGround India Reviews

When you take any shared hosting plan, you get a list of features for all the plans.

  1. Free Email Account:- Yes, you get free email setup which will give you email with your own domain.
  2. Free CDN:- As I have explained above, with every plan you get Cloudflare CDN.
  3. Payments:- You can make payments very easily using your credit cards.
  4. Free cPanel:- When you host your website you get a free cPanel account along with many useful tools that will help you pull out max out of your website.
  5. Easy apps installation:- This is the best thing, you just have to enter the details and the SiteGround system will install the app of your choice among WordPress , Joomla, Drupal and Magento with just one click.


If you want a high speed website and need good & expert customer support, definitely I will recommend you to use SiteGround. They offer many useful features that you can never get with other hosting providers.

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