SiteGround Vs Bluehost 2021- Who Wins The Battle?

How does one go about choosing the best web hosting for one’s Website? In fact, many people find this phase to be extremely difficult either because they are new to web hosting with only a few options known or perhaps, they are caught up with too many options and they don’t really know which one to exactly go with.

One of such dilemmas is certainly the SiteGround Vs BlueHost since both appear to be equally powerful and promising.

One can only break out of this confusion with a deep research and of course, a proper comparison between these two giant web hosting companies. In this post, we shall enlighten you about all the aspects of both the companies and hopefully, by the end of this post, you will have a very clear understanding of the SiteGround Vs BlueHost.

SiteGround vs. BlueHost: WordPress

A clear understanding of the BlueHost vs. SiteGround for a new blogger or a website owner is certainly worth it as it will help one reach the perfect decision of choosing the right hosting for one’s WordPress website. If you are totally new to WordPress, SiteGround is the ultimate web hosting Company to go with since it has made WordPress hosting a lot simpler in all aspects.

SiteGround offers Auto Managed WordPress hosting which means everything from security, updates, server performance to maintenance and backups will be automatically managed by the host.

That way, users can be out of all the complexities and can only focus on the core business. However, one can’t afford to get such a comprehensive service with the BlueHost when it comes to WordPress hosting and as a matter of fact, a lot of features such as auto system updates or automatic plugin updates are missing in BlueHost WordPress Hosting.

Of course, there’s no denying the fact that users will be able to experience a fully managed WordPress hosting with BlueHost at a high price.

SiteGround vs. BlueHost: Speed

I really tried my best to come up with the best BlueHost Vs SiteGround 2018 with a view to help a lot of people start their websites without less of hiccups and help them make it up to the mark as well.

When I tested the speed of my demo site hosted on SiteGround, I was really impressed by its loading time which was almost 350ms and this was certainly by far better than in BlueHost wherein a website usually takes about 2000ms to load.

Also, SiteGround maintains its brilliant loading time on a consistent basis which means a stable speed unlike in BlueHost wherein the speed is not always stable.

This has helped SiteGround win the confidence of a lot of users from all over the world over the years. Also, there have been users who migrated to SiteGround over the years and eventually, experienced an exceptional improvement in their website’s performance.

Also, unlike BlueHost, SiteGround has an in-house caching system called the SuperCacher that can help in boosting speed to large extent as well.

SiteGround vs. BlueHost: WooCommerce

For those people who are looking forward to starting an e-commerce website, it is absolutely important to choose a hosting that offers a perfect e-commerce environment in all aspects. Just a bit of negligence on the part of a hosting company on which one's website is hosted on can cause one with a heavy loss.

A perfect e-commerce environment should essentially comprise PCI compliance, Dedicated IP address, and an SSL certificate, a consistently good Uptime, Good server specs, Multiple Datacenter locations, and last but not the least, Good security mechanisms and policies.

SiteGround offers an extremely optimized environment to host WooCommerce stores of any size with up to 30GB disk space on the server. It allows users to host unlimited websites and MySQL databases. Also, it can handle up to 1 lac visitors per month.

Furthermore, it provides users with elevated levels of security comprising power and hardware redundancy, server monitoring, SPAM prevention, anti-hack systems, and more. Also, it offers Free PCI compliance, Free SSL certificate, and Daily Backups.

However, when I did the comparison, SiteGround vs. BlueHost for e-commerce, I found that the BlueHost WooCommerce hosting is not as powerful and dedicated as that of the SiteGround in terms of security and performance.

SiteGround vs. BlueHost: Customer Support

Another aspect of the SiteGround Vs BlueHost is the certainly the Customer Support. When it comes to Customer Support, SiteGround has done an excellent job so far. SiteGround Support team comprises executives that are highly knowledgeable and friendly as well.

I had to contact the SiteGround Customer Support a couple of times in the past and the experience has been simply outstanding.

I never thought the Support team would be so fast in responding. As far as I remember, it not only took me lesser than a minute to reach the support but also, the executives had been pretty fast in resolving my issue. Most importantly, it is commendable about the friendly way they deal with the users.

Contacting the BlueHost Support wasn’t a very pleasant experience. It took me really long to connect to the Support and get the right assistance. If I compare, the SiteGround Support is a lot better and faster.


A lot of people who want to start a new website often get locked away by the SiteGround Vs BlueHost dilemma. In this post, I tried to concentrate on the most important aspects of hosting and at the same time, tried to help you comprehend the exact differences between the two hosting companies.

As per my personal experiences, I thought the SiteGround hosting is a lot more powerful and comprehensive than the BlueHost hosting.

SiteGround offers an excellent ease to host a WordPress site in all aspects and also, offer a brilliant WordPress hosting environment. Also, in terms of e-commerce, it is wise to go with SiteGround considering the kind of features it offers. Also, SiteGround is much reliable in terms of Support and performance.

I hope by now, you should have no reason to be still stuck with the dilemma, SiteGround Vs BlueHost.

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