Sony A80J 65 Inch TV Review

Sony has been in the market with its sleek models and features that are beneficial to all its consumers. Many models from Sony have shown exemplary qualities that too within one’s budget. This way you can have many features that will help you in the long run. 

The following points will help you get a better opinion of the Sony A80J. 

Sony A80J 65 Inch TV


The Sony A80J is highly equipped with Cognitive Processor XR. Cognitive Processor XR is a technology that understands human behavior in terms of hearing and listening. The TV understands the two senses and delivers contrast colors that are suitable for the eyes. It also studies your surrounding and then provides the perfect backlight accordingly. 

Picture Quality

The next feature that makes the picture quality better is the XR Trilumious Pro. This technology brings the colors to life. The XR Trilumious Pro is known specifically to enhance the colors of various content so that what you see will be the best. These colors look just like real colors on your 65 inch Sony A80J. Once you experience the color quality on this TV, then you won’t look for any other model. 

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Screen Display

There are many types of screen displays. The main categories include; OLED, QLED, LED, and so on. The Sony A80J is designed in XR OLED Contrast. Now the OLED display is known to be one of the best in the market. When combined with XR Contrast, it enhances the picture quality of the TV. Not only does it gives a clear and clean image, but it also adjusts the brightness of the TV. 

Another important aspect in the feature of picture quality is the aspect of Bravia Core. During the pandemic especially, when all the theatres were shut down and people missed the feeling of the theatre experience, Sony came up with Bravia Core which delivered cinematic experience on your 65 inch TV screen. With the help of this facility, you don’t have to spend extra bucks on expensive theatre tickets. 

Audio Quality

The Sony A80J is highly equipped with Acoustic Surface Audio+. You must have seen that many brands market themselves on the basis of having pre-installed speakers on either side of the product. But would you believe us if we said that the speakers in this product are the screen itself? 

That’s right! The audio system in this product is powerfully equipped with a highly efficient sound system. Instead of offering different speakers on either side, the makers have smartly imbibed the speakers with the screen itself. This way, the sound travels clearer and the listener gets the perfect sync between the dialogue and the character. 

The makers of the Best 65 Inch TV Under 1000 aimed at clear sound quality without any disturbance. In order to increase the bass of the audio, they have inculcated built-in subwoofers. These subwoofers increase the bass of the audio, which in turn gives depth to the audio and to the people listening to it. These all features make the picture and sound flow in perfect harmony. 

Smart Features

The Sony A80J is a Smart TV. It includes all the features that a smart TV in general has. The first and most important thing that it includes is Google TV. Google TV provides you 700,000+ movies and shows that will keep you entertained throughout the day. It is very important to own a smart TV these days as it will keep you updated with new technology and features. 

The Sony A80J also offers many pre-installed streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, Apple TV app, and many more. In other words, this model has something or the other for all age groups and no one will ever run out of content or entertainment when this product is in your home. 

Apart from different streaming apps, the Sony X80J offers built-in Alexa. The feature of Alexa has become of utmost importance in today’s day and age. You can connect your TV to an Alexa-enabled device and just ask anything you want. Similarly, it also has Google Assistant that helps in searching various content using just your voice as a command. 

Last but not least, for all the people who own any kind of Apple device, the Sony A80J provides Apple Airplay 2, where you can connect your Apple device to your 65 inch TV screen without any hassle. 

Final Verdict

After analyzing all the features, we think that the Sony A80J has been made with perfection. All the features and qualities are beneficial to the consumer. These features will help them in the long run and will not need to update their TV within a few years. 

The Sony A80J is not only heavy on features, but it will also make your life a bit easy as it includes Alexa and Google Assistant. If you are looking for a TV that fits just right into your pocket and still delivers some of the best features, then this model is perfect for you! Now don’t think too much and invest in this very efficient product. Check out the review about Sony X85J 65 Inch TV 2021 and Sony X85J 50 Inch TV 2021 here.

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