Sony TV Is Not Turning On: How To Troubleshoot?

Usually turning ON the TV, we rush to the channel we like to watch. However, do you have an experience like mine, turning ON the TV and still waiting for a minute, wondering why the Sony TV is not turning on?

If yes, don't get frustrated, as the “Sony TV is not turning on” issue is quite common nowadays, and many of my friends have reported the same. Hence I have decided to come up with this guide from my experience in troubleshooting if a Sony TV is not turning on and getting it working like normal in no time. 

So let us get started! 

Step-By-Step Guide On Troubleshooting If Sony TV Is Not Turning On

Check The Plug Of Your TV

Many of us skip this step even though it seems simple. But it is often the one who helps quickly resolve if the Sony TV is not turning on. So always check whether the Sony TV's power cord is connected properly and securely to a well-working outlet. 

You can check whether the power outlet is working by connecting any other device to the outlet. Alternatively, if your Sony TV is plugged into a surge protector or a power strip, unplug the TV cable from them and connect directly to a wall outlet. 

Now, if the Sony TV works, it indicates that the problem is with the intermediate device (surge protector or power strip), which needs to be replaced. Furthermore, ensure no damage or bent in the TV cable.  

Perform A Power Reset

It is one of the oldest methods but works perfectly when an electronic device stuck like a Sony TV is not turning on because of some glitches and bugs. 

To do a power reset, 

  • Disconnect the TV from the power socket
  • Wait for 2 minutes
  • Replug the TV cable back into the power socket

In case this process does not help, repeat the power reset.

But this time, hold the power button on the Sony TV for 10 to 15 seconds before reconnecting the TV cable back to the power socket. 

Check Your Input Setting.

Sony TVs come with multiple inputs for HDMI and other component devices. However, this is one of the advantages as well as a problematic situation that leads to confusion. 

Sometimes the Sony TV is switched ON, but there is a black screen. Here the TV is turned ON technically, but it looks like it is turned OFF. Here you have to tap on the input option on your remote and switch to the correct input to resolve the issue. 

Check Your Cables

In some situations, a broken or damaged HDMI cable might be why your Sony TV is not turning on. Therefore check and replace the cables before you start using the TV. 

Replace The Batteries In The Remote

Another overlooked issue is the damaged or dead batteries of the remote control. The reason can be pretty tricky to find as the Sony TV is not turning on even though everything is connected correctly. 

To confirm if this is the reason behind the Sony TV not turning on, remove the batteries in the remote and insert them into another device. If you find the device working correctly, the batteries are not the problem. 

If the device is still not working, the problem might be with the batteries, and you have to replace them. Other than that, you can also charge them if they are rechargeable batteries. 

Turn ON the TV using the button.

If you find that the problem is with the remote, you can make use of the physical power button located on the TV panel. It is usually situated at the back panel or side of the TV. To turn ON the Sony TV, Press & hold the “power button” on the TV for about 15 seconds. You will find the TV to be turned ON. 

Check Your Backlights

The Sony TV might be ON, but you cannot see any picture if the backlight is defective. So practically, it looks like the Sony TV is not turning on. Alternatively, in some cases, you will notice a dull blue screen or sometimes a full black screen. 

The backlights can be fixed by replacing the LED strips on the screen. However, it is a tricky process, and we advise a technical expert's help. Moreover, considering the cost of fixing the backlight issue, the best choice is to replace the TV. 

It May Be A Firmware Update.

One such reason why the Sony TV is not turning on is because of an update in progress. The recent Sony TVs come with LED lights that indicate an update is in progress by blinking orange. If this is your case, you must wait until the update is over. 

Also, note that you should not disconnect the TV if it updates. If you do so, you will have resulted with some malfunctions, and so you have to urge towards the technical shop to get it serviced.  

Look At The Capacitors In The TV.

If one or more capacitors on the board are damaged or faulty, it will lead to the issue of the Sony TV not turning on. 

In this case, you are required to open the back panel of your Sony TV. If you are not well versed in this or do not have such an interest, don't continue, as you may even worsen the situation. 

Alternatively, if you have some knowledge of the area, you can open the back panel and have a visual inspection to check if there are any faulty capacitors. Also, if a capacitor is defective, you will face some indications like 

  • The capacitor is bulging at the top layer.
  • The capacitor is leaking.
  • Corrosive appearance on one side or both sides of the capacitor.

Once you notice these signs on your capacitor, follow the steps below to remove them. 

  • First, note the pin on the board where the capacitor is attached. 
  • You should do the removal using a soldering iron.
  • Apply pressure from the back of the board on the pin using the heated soldering iron until it melts.
  • Then continue with it and remove it.

Moreover, while replacing the capacitor, you should have a look at these points; 

  • The new capacitor must be placed in the same direction as the old one
  • The new one should match the old capacitor in terms of ratings like voltage, temperature, and microfarads. 

Once done, cover the backside of the TV like before and turn ON your TV. We hope that you have fixed “Sony TV is not turning on.” 

Inspect For Any Damages To The Board

One thing you can make sure of from your side is to inspect for any visible damages or faults in the boards (power board, main board, and blown fuses). If there is any fault, you have to replace the respective board immediately. 

Suppose you are not aware of how to replace it, consider taking help from the technical team. Happily, if your Sony TV is still under warranty, you can get it checked without any cost. 

Go With A Factory Reset.

Still, if your Sony TV is not turning on, you can simply factory reset it. Since you cannot view the screen, you have to perform a forced factory reset using the buttons on the TV. 

The method works for Sony Bravia and other models that come with android 6.0 marshmallow or higher than that. Also, the method works well for other Sony OLED and LCD models. 

Here are the instructions you have to follow; 

  • Unplug the TV from the power socket
  • While unplugged, search for the power and volume down buttons on the TV (usually, it will be on the top, bottom, or side of the TV. 
  • Alternatively, if you do not have volume or other buttons except the power button, hold the power button and continue the procedure. 
  • Once found, hold down the volume and power button on your Sony TV.
  • While holding the buttons, plug the TV back into the power socket.
  • After plugging, keep holding the buttons until the LED light turns green (sometimes even white in some Sony models), which indicates that the reset is completed. Wait for 20 to 60 seconds. 
  • Now release the buttons.
  • The TV will restart itself, showing a Sony logo or animation screen and the initial setup screen if the factory resetting process is successful. 

If the Sony TV is not turning on, turn it ON using the power button. Also, if the process is not successful, repeat the whole process. You can try up to 5 times and even the 6th time; if the Sony TV is not turning on, move to the next step. 

Once you are done with the reset process, you should do another reset immediately before doing or watching anything else on the Sony TV. Skip the account sign-in, network setup, and channel setup, as you can set them up later. 

Perform another factory reset by using the steps below; 

Click on the home button using the remote. Go to settings, choose storage and reset, and click on factory data reset. And select “erase everything” and confirm the process. 

For some Sony TV models, go to settings, click on system, choose about, and finally, you will find the reset option. Also, for a few models, go to settings, choose device preferences and choose reset. That's it. You are good to go now!

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Conclusion On Sony TV Is Not Turning On.

Several issues may cause you to encounter a Sony TV not turning on, like an unresponsive remote, faulty power outlet, defective HDMI cables, damaged capacitors, and more. 

But with the help of the solutions mentioned above and tricks, you can resolve your “Sony TV is not turning on” problem. Furthermore, you can also contact Sony support to get your TV checked if you still have the warranty for your Sony TV. 

We guess the above information is useful, and don't forget to share your experiences in the comment section below.

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