Swyft Filings Review 2020 – The Best, Pros & Cons

This Swyft Filings Review helps you to clearly understand whether they can able to deliver your custom company requirements or not in 2020.

Swyft Filings can help you with handling all the complicated legal paperwork surrounding how your business can legally operate. The services of Swyft Filings will serve you in getting your LLC ready.

Any new businesses that wish to operate should see how Swyft works. The company provides many options for getting a business running that people may like to note. There is a good potential that you may find a plan for operation that works.

Swyft Fillings Process

Swyft Filings concentrates on giving people the support their need when filing their LLC documents. Swyft provides an emphasis on all the documents necessary for getting an LLC ready, not to mention for getting tax information ready. The company promotes its service as being more effective than other solutions, as you can use it to get an LLC ready in about ten minutes.

Steps to Form LLC

There are three steps that Swyft Filings focuses on when getting a filing ready:

  1. You would tell the company about your business. You'll use an online form that doesn't take much time for you to complete.
  2. Swyft Filings will then take your information and prepare the necessary documents in your area. The group works with documents that are specific in your state. All of those papers will be directly filed to your Secretary of State.
  3. You'll get your LLC services package by mail after the incorporation documents are approved. The time it takes for the process to go through will vary based on your location.

After getting your LLC ready, you can start working with your customers. The system allows your business to get up and running.

Swyft User Experience

The work that Swyft Filings provides ensures you'll get the help you need with your formation efforts. But the support doesn't stop after the filing is complete. You'll also get access to a management dashboard that is helpful in maintaining your work.

The user dashboard comes with information on your filing status, all your alerts and deadline notices, and other things. Swyft Filings provides this to give you a better chance to review your data and to stay on top of what's working for your entity.

Swyft Filings General Business Management Services

Swyft Filings also provides a full array of business management services. Among the things available to utilize through the company include:

  • An annual report can be planned out. The effort involves providing information on your company to your registered agent to help with filing this legal report.
  • An employer identification number or EIN may be formed for tax purposes. The number is essential for ensuring you'll federal taxes will be easier to maintain.
  • Any amendments, name changes, or other adjustments to what your business features may also be recorded in the process.
  • Foreign qualification reports are also available. The foreign effort involves moving the business out to different places outside of your state. The documents necessary here will vary based on the specific spot that the business will operate in.
  • The business name search feature helps you confirm if your ideal company name is available. The service prevents you from potentially taking in a name that someone else may be using or could have incorporated with already.

Be advised that some of these services are ones that you would have to purchase separately from your initial plan. Swyft does provide thorough details on what you would spend on all of these options.

Tax Consultations Available

Every client will receive a free 30-minute tax consultation. The online webinar answers your questions about how your taxes are to be run. You'll learn about how your business will be taxed, deductions that you should consider, and how to pay people correctly. The system also helps you learn about how to use a business bank account for your specific payment and banking needs.

Swft Fillings Packages

You have multiple plan options when aiming to incorporate your company with the support of Swyft Filings. Among these solutions include the following:

(Note: The charges for each option do not include the state fees in your area. Those added charges will vary by state.)

Basic – $49

The Basic plan provides help with filing your articles of organization and filing your documents with your Secretary of State.

Standard – $149

The Standard tier includes access to your EIN, a service that would cost an additional $70 if you were on the Basic plan.  The organizational minutes, banking resolution, and an operating agreement for your business can be customized to your desire.

Premium – $299

The Premium package is the most thorough and comprehensive choice you want to use for your operating needs. The Premium setup provides you with a free website and three months of free web hosting. Your site includes support for dozens of templates, not to mention it can be configured to be mobile-friendly. You have the option to create photo and video galleries on your site as well. Other services that work to your advantage include the electronic delivery of all your state documents and a digital corporate kit that includes a company seal, an ownership ledger, and customized stock certificates for your initial shareholders and owners.

You'll also benefit from a free domain name for your site, although the terms are limited. The Swyft Filings free domain program provides you with a free name for a year. You'll also get information on setting up a company website and email. The service works for various extensions, including the .com and .net ones.

Some of the Swyft alternatives are ZenBusiness, IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent.

Swyft Customer Service

Swyft also provides a complete customer service effort for all clients. The experts can answer any question you have about your incorporation work and how your business can stay legal.

The customer service department is available by phone. You can also chat online for real-time support. The group is available to help people in finding out what they can do when becoming and staying legal. Reviews from prior customers state that the service department provides fast responses and that the workers understand what is useful.

The Swyft Phone number is tel:(877) 777-0450. The Learning Center on the company's website is also something you may like. The section on the front page gives you additional details on what works for your LLC needs.

A Final Word

Swyft Filings can assist you when you're trying to make your business legal. The formation service covers all the documents and other details you require in the state you wish to plan your LLC in. You'll need to note how well the service works and what features are provided in the tier you wish to sign up for. You'll find that the group's services will be to your satisfaction, as you'll stay online and functional at all times.

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