TCL Roku TV Stuck On Language Screen: How To Fix?

Is your TCL Roku TV Stuck on Language Screen and not working?

Suppose that is the problem you are facing, and you cannot get a solution. In that case, it is a common issue that usually occurs in the TCL Roku TV, and it would get rectified by following some steps manually. 

Usually, when TCL Roku TV Stuck on Language Screen, it is due to some glitch in the remote or the internal settings of the TV. However, it is not too big of a problem to worry about, and you can quickly eliminate it. It mostly happens due to a glitch. In this article, let us understand why TCL Roku TV Stuck on Language Screen and how to resolve the issue.

Possible Causes Of TCL Roku TV Stuck On Language Screen

At times, your TCL Roku TV Stuck on Language Screen and did not function. Not only this, even the remote stops working. When this happens, it becomes incredibly confusing to understand the problem correctly and get it solved. In most cases, the users often get nervous immediately.

However, keeping aside the worries, there could be two prime reasons why your TCL Roku TV Stuck on Language Screen. 

TCL Roku TV Stuck On Language Screen

Fault In The Remote

First and foremost, the most common reason behind the TCL Roku TV Stuck on Language Screen is the fault in the remote. It might be the case that the remote of your television might not be working at all. This can happen due to drained-out batteries. If not, there might be some button stuck in the remote. In such a scenario, the remote would not work, and the problem persists.

The Internal Settings Have Become Corrupt

Having checked that the remote of your TCL Roku TV is working correctly when you get back to the TV, and it still shows the same problem; it could be because of some alterations in the internal settings of your TV. If the internal settings have become corrupt, the TV will not function seamlessly. 

Troubleshooting Steps If TCL Roku TV Stuck On Language Screen

If your TCL Roku TV Stuck on Language Screen and does not move any further, you have to manually reset the TV by inserting a pin in the pinhole of the TV remote for as long as 30 seconds. It would automatically reset the TV, and the issue might get solved. If this does not work, you can try the following-

Power Cycle

To ensure the exact glitch in your TCL Roku TV, you must first go for the Power Cycle process. 

  • To begin with, you are supposed to unplug the TV from the main outlet itself. Before unplugging the TV, ensure you do not switch off it and unplug it directly. 
  • Further, you must wait for at least 3 to 5 minutes after unplugging the TV. Having done that, you can turn on the television again by plugging the cable back into the socket.

When the TV switches on again, you either acknowledge that the problem is resolved. However, if not, you need to move on to further steps. 

Hard Reset

Now that the Power Cycle method does not work for your TV, you must go for the Hard Reset method. The Hard Reset method is opted for when you are willing to factory reset the entire TV to resolve the issue of the stuck language screen on your TV. 

In it, you are supposed to manually insert a pin into the reset pinhole, which can easily be located near the inputs. Make sure to insert an object that has a pointed tip. For better convenience and security, try to insert a pen into the pinhole and press the button for at least 30 seconds.

After half a minute, you will acknowledge that your TV has undergone a complete factory reset and is working correctly. It indicates that the issue has been resolved.

Check The Remote

When none of the above-mentioned methods works, check the remote as the problem might be lying over there. The remote of the TCL Roku TV has a small reconnect button under the batteries. 

Press that for 5 seconds to ensure the remote is connected to the TV. You can check the connectivity by seeing blinking lights in the remote. Also, check if the remote is not out of battery and that they are correctly installed. 

Factors To Check If The Issue Still Remains Unsolved 

When enough is done, and still your TV is not working, you need to check the internal connections properly, as this problem is primarily due to internal issues with the remote or the TV. Thus, at times, plugging and unplugging the TV into the main outlet might not work. Therefore, you need to check a few factors if the problem with your TCL Roku TV persists. They are-

The Remote Of Your TV Should Be Working

First and foremost, you must check your television's remote. Sometimes, the batteries are not inserted correctly in the remote.

Troubleshooting Steps If TCL Roku TV Stuck On Language Screen

Now that the batteries have not been properly inserted, the remote does not work. In such a situation, your TCL Roku TV remains stuck at the Language Screen and does not process further.

The Blinking Of Light In The Remote

In TCL Roku TV, you must ensure that the remote is connected. Under the battery section, a small reconnect button must be pressed for 5 seconds, after which the remote connects to the TV. You can quickly check that by the blinking light on the remote. Sometimes, the TV remains stuck on Language Screen because the light of the remote does not blink.

Check For Other Faults

Usually, the TCL Roku TV Stuck on Language Screen due to some malfunction in the internal settings or hardware of the device. Sometimes, a small button is stuck inside the TV remote, which does not work, making it hard to eliminate the problem.

Contact Customer Support Team

After doing enough, if your TCL Roku TV does not function properly, the last option to try is to contact the customer support team. The customer support team is available 24/7, and you can better explain your issue to the team so they can conveniently find a better solution to the existing problem. 

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Whenever your TCL Roku TV Stuck on Language Screen, you are not to get bothered immediately and maintain your calm, as it is one of the most common issues that individuals face with this TV. However, it does not take much time to resolve the problem of a stuck Language Screen. You only need to be careful with the TV and the remote to resolve the issue.

First, you must unplug and plug in the TV again after a few minutes. This is a quick method to check if your TV starts working after that. If not, you can always go for the factory reset method, which is considered more effective. Lastly, if it does not work, you must check the remote and internal connections properly. 

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