TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light: How To Fix?

TCL is the third largest manufacturer of TVs. They are famous for providing quality Smart TV at a budget price. However, many users have reported a common problem of TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light.

If you have the same problem, your TV may not start, and the LED light below the TCL TV logo keeps flickering on and off. There are many reasons behind your TV not turning on and flashing LED lights. Your TV may be in standby mode, its backlight is having an issue, or there is a short circuit in the internal parts.

There is nothing to be bothered about this TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light issue. It can simply be fixed by applying some troubleshooting methods. To make your work easy, we have compiled all the causes and procedures to resolve this matter in this article.

Reason For TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light

But before that, let's briefly look at the factors that generate such issues in your TCL TVs:

  • Your TVs need a Hard Reset because It is stuck on standby mode.
  • Require a refresh through the power cycle due to a small malfunction.
  • TCL TVs' backlight defects can cause the TV to turn black screen blinking light.
  • When the TCL TV power cable is damaged, it prevents sufficient power supply to the TV.
  • The external device is creating such a problem with your TV.
  • Underlying hardware failure that needs to be replaced.

These significant factors can create a TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light. To solve this matter, you need to know the correct troubleshooting method by which you can quickly settle this issue without any hiccups.

Troubleshooting Methods for TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light

The troubleshooting method for solving TCL TVs’ black screen blinking light issue is straightforward and short. So, before panicking and calling TCL support, try this quick-fix procedure yourself and see whether it resolves your case without any hassle. The solution is as follows:

1. Power Cycle Your TCL TV

Before performing a hard reset on your TV, it is better to perform a soft reset. This procedure drains the power from your TV to stop it from working and refreshes your home entertainment system.

It works similarly to resetting a TV, but we cut the power supply from the main switch. Suppose you want to perform the power cycle on your TV set. First, directly pull the power cable plug from the wall outlet. Let it be for at least 30 seconds.

Troubleshooting Methods for TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light

After 30 seconds, head over to your TV and press the power button given on your TV panel for at least 10 seconds. Remember, you must press the power button on your TV rather than the power button of the remote because by doing it, you are removing residue power from the TV system, which is essential for giving it a proper reset.

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After 10 seconds, take your power cable and plug it back into the electrical outlet. Try turning on your TV to see, it lets you power it on, and the blinking light stops.

2. Perform A Hard Rest On Your TCL TV

If power cycling your TV does not work, try performing hard rest on your TV. It is the best method to resolve the TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light case, as your TV may be stuck in standby mode.

However, you may have to repeat this process several times before getting the result. But if you are lucky, it can resolve the issue on the first try. But before doing a hard reset, you first need to find the reset button on your TCL TV model. As we know, each TV model comes with a specially manufactured design to set it apart. Hence the position of the rest button may vary per your TV model and design.

It's manageable. Most of the TCL TV models come with the label reset button. If your TV differs from such models, try finding it near USB, RCA, and HDMI ports. Usually, these ports are situated on the right or left side of the TV, but in some cases, you can find them underneath the TV panel.

Once you find these ports, you can see the small circular button, which is your reset button. Take a paper clip or pen and use its tip to press it for 10 seconds or more. Do this process 3 to 5 times to see whether it does the trick.

If it does not give it a few more tries, some users have reported that they have performed this step 20 or 30 times till they get the result.

3. Replace The Defective Power cable

If power cycling and hard resetting the TV do not solve the TV's black screen issue with blinking light. There could be an issue with the power supply.

If your TV’s HDMI power wire is damaged, it can disrupt the normal working of your TV. To check the power cables, switch off your TV and pull the power plug from the wall socket and the end going into the TV.

Carefully inspect the cable for signs of visible damage like cracks, rapture, wear or tear on the surface. Ensure the wire is fully intact and the inner wire is not exposed. If you find a sign of damage on the power cable, replace it with the newer one. When at it, it's better to examine all the wires to ensure that a faulty cable is not an issue behind your TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light.

4. Defect In The Backlight Of Your TV

If you have tried all the steps and your TV is still not turning on and TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light. The issue might be in your TCL TV backlight.

Having backlight issues in TCL TV is common, and in the worst case, it may only be one LED light that has a problem. But whether you have an issue with one LED or the whole back panel light, the only way you can resolve this is by dismantling your TV to access the backlight.

It may sound simple, but repairing the backlight requires skill and specific tools if you have some technical knowledge or prior experience. In that case, many tutorials are available for fixing the TCL TV backlight, but we suggest you take precautions and let experts handle it.

Here is how to resolve your TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light.

5. Remove The External Device

External devices are scarce reasons behind your TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light issue. But still, in some cases, they can threaten your TV when they contain malware or virus that can crash your TV firmware.

When you have any external device attached to your TV, for example, a USB drive, first switch off your TV and remove the external device after resetting your TV, as we mentioned above. When resetting the TV is complete, turn on the TV to see if your issue is resolved. If the TV can turn on, the problem is an external device. Use antivirus for scanning and deleting malware and viruses from the devices.

You can also format it, but ensure that the next time when you use it again, it is malware free.

6. Hardware Failure

After trying all the techniques mentioned above, the TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light issue persists. It indicates a problem with the hardware of the TV. These cases are out of hand if you are a TV technician. To deal with this, you must contact a TCL customer care representative and tell them everything related to your issue. They will first provide you with troubleshooting steps.

If their method is not working, they will arrange professional help according to your location. You can contact them through the website or call them at 1-877-300-8837.

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Final Summary Of TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light

We have told you how to fix your TCL TV Black Screen Blinking Light issue. You can start fixing it with a power cycle. Resetting it also works fine. For hardware problems or defects in the backlight, call the TCL support team for help.

Hopefully, you can resolve your issue using one of these methods if you are still contemplating calling a professional for help. You can go ahead and do so, but in the meantime, why not try this method to see if they work?

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