Top 6 Best Free CDN Providers To Boost Your Site (2021)

CDN or Content delivery network is the best way to boost up the speed of your website. The basic work of CDN is to deliver the static files from the very close data center to the visitor’s computer.

I think you might already have some ideas about what it is, and how it works. So, I guess, you don’t need an introduction of it.

If you know what they are and how they work, then you probably very excited to use one.

But the problem comes when we see their price tags. Not all of them are affordable, and if you just want to dirty your hands for the first time then your intentions are might not spend money on it.

But luckily, there are some free options too, that let us use their network for free of cost.

They may have some limits, and it’s always better to be limited to them. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not able to utilize their network to the fullest.

Obviously, they limit you because they don’t want you to utilize their all resources. There are other people as well, and you should also care about them.

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Why use CDN?

Your web hosting always has a limit for your global audience in terms of performance. I’m sure you don’t want to mess things up for your global visitors as they can be your potential visitors and can make an impact on your revenue.

It’s not important to use CDN but if you’re working out to improve your website’s loading time then it could be a good option for you.

It just decreases the distance between the visitor and content, which obviously mean that your site would load faster for visitors that are near your content delivery provider.

There are many good benefits of a faster loading site. For example, increase in page views, engagement, revenue, rankings etc.

Best Free CDN 2021

Here is the list of top 10 best free content delivery networks:

1. Incapsula

Incapsula is one of the most popular CDN providers, and from 2009 they are into this CDN game. The company got huge popularity when they protected a website from one of the Internet’s largest attacks in 2013.

They offer premium as well as free plans for your websites. The only downside is that it doesn’t work with cloudflare. So if you’re using cloudflare then you can’t use Incapsula. You can only use one of them.

2. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is the biggest player in the industry from 2009. The features cloudflare offers are just unbeatable, Cloudflare take cares about security and performance very well.

In November 2014, CloudFlare reported a new record for the largest ever recorded DDoS attack with independent media sites being targeted at 500 Gbit/s.

If you're using hosting companies like SiteGround, they provide Cloudfare CDN optimized server setup, thus providing you the best CDN experience at no extra cost.

Cloudflare has a lifetime free plan that gives your website a protection and performance boost.

3. Swamify ~ No longer a CDN company.

Swarmify is not very popular but it’s the first peer-to-peer content delivery network using WebRTC. It offers 10GB of free image delivery or can say image bandwidth.

They are available in around 196 countries worldwide.

They also offers pay-as-you-go price model, so you would be only paying for the resources you’ve actually used. You can check out their plans here.

4. jsDelivr

jsDelivr is a free public CDN that hosts javascript libraries and jQuery plugins, including all of the files they need to work (css/png).

It even hosts javascript files that use popular WordPress plugins, like WP SlimStat. Basically if a lot of websites use it then we probably can host it.

WordPress users always get advantages on everything related to websites, and jsDelivr is a great example here.

Its plugin has many features that can be very beneficial for anyone who want to use jsDelivr. You can download the plugin from here.

5. Photon (Jetpack)

Photon by Jetpack is image CDN that works for and self-hosted WordPress site only. Yeah, there is again an advantage for WordPress users.

Photon actually only works for images, you just have to install and enable jetpack plugin in your self-hosted WordPress site, and from its dashboard, you can easily turn on/off photon CDN.

If you have a WordPress site then you can use this plugin and can save your hosting bill as well. It will also speed up the loading time of your images.

You have to download the Jetpack plugin and activate it.

6. CoralCDN

CoralCDN is a peer-to-peer (P2P) based content delivery network which is totally free.

To use it you just have to append  to the hostname of any URL, and your request for that URL is handled by CoralCDN. You can even use their free plugin.

Remember that plugin is not getting updated from a very, very long time, and should be used at risk.

Premium CDNs with trials

We’ve seen total 6 free CDN providers, but they are not for everyone. Especially for those who’re running large sites.

Apart from using CDN, one should opt for fast loading themes like mythemeshop which offers incredible fast loading themes.

However, I’m listing some premium CDN providers as well that offers trial, you can use their trial version and can decide if they deserve your investment or not.

  • KeyCDN: I’m using it, and its pay-as-you-go price model is very affordable. You can start a free trial too that also without a credit card. Get 250GB Bandwidth credit only here.
  • MaxCDN: It’s one of the most popular among all of the CDN providers. Their top-notch performance can impress you even. I’ve seen many popular websites using them, so they are very respective in the field.
  • RackSpace: They are also one of the well-known names in the industry because of their performance and price structure. You can check out their prices here.
  • Amazon CloudFront: They are currently offering 1-year free tier, that means you can use CloudFront for free of cost for 1 year. But they have putted some limits that you should consider before you start jumping with joy. However, after tier, you can avail their service for lower prices.


Content delivery networks are everywhere and playing very important roles for many websites. Even websites like Facebook and Google use them as they speed up their sites’ loading time.

Google was used to provide this service for free of cost, but just a few years later they stopped it.

I will keep updating the list as soon as I get to know about any other free CDN provider.

So, I hope you love the article, and so don’t forget to share it with your social buddies. Also, let me know in the comments if you have something to ask/say.

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