Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV

This post describes the specifications of the Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV in detail. So that you can know Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV is worth buying or not. 

The age that we live in is equipped with smart products and appliances. Even an age-old appliance like TV has entirely transformed over the years, and today, we can hardly find any household that doesn’t have a smart tv.

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So, it’s a world of modern, feature-rich smart TVs, and people love them for the excellent viewing experiences they offer. The viewers can consume content from multiple sources and not rely on some usual and regular cable programs. However, while you would want a smart TV at your home, you wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket.

Smart TVs are particularly costly, which often keep people keeping on a budget on a backfoot about buying them. However, there are always budget-friendly options.

Toshiba is a brand that stays on the front foot to offer such budgeted options. It’s impressive how Toshiba offers so much for so little cost, and this stands true for TVs as well. Toshiba offers a range of smart TVs for amazingly pocket-friendly prices that you’re going to love.

One of the series that you can look up to is the Toshiba C350 Fire TV series. Starting at just $399 for the 50-inches model, this smart TV is a fantastic catch to have in your home, and let us tell you why!

Here’s a detailed review of this amazing low-cost, high-value smart TV- the Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV. 

Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV

With Fire TV, Dolby Vision, 4k Resolution, and a range of other smart features and functionalities, the Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV, with its perfect size and economical pricing, comes as a perfect purchase option if you want to buy a nice TV for your house on a budget.

Here’s a review of all the features and perks that this amazing model has in store for the buyers.

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The Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV has a very simple design with a metal stand and metal legs. The metal legs have a rubber base which prevents the stand from any kind of damage. The entire TV is lined with bezels which are quite easily noticeable, and you can see the screen protruding from the bezels.

The ports and cables lie on either side of the Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV with the power plug cable at the right and four HDMI ports at the left. However, this does not look very messy on the stand since there is a cable holder at the back of the TV that keeps everything in place.

The Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV can be easily placed on the stand and even wall-mounted with the help of screws.

As such, the design is not very stylish or new; however, it’s still a great catch for the price it comes, especially when you’re looking for a low-budget smart TV with considerable size to embellish your living room.

Picture Quality

With a Regza engine, 4K resolution, PQ technology, and Dolby HDR vision, the Toshiba C350 Series offer stunning picture quality. The visuals on the TV are bright, clear and create a very engaging watching experience, especially when the room is brightly lit. The anti-reflective screen of the Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV makes sure that the image and video quality on the TV is not affected due to reflections from the light.

Even in dim lights, you can enjoy a great visual experience on this TV with bright, vivid, and clear pictures coming to life. The TV, however, is not suited to dark light settings and can affect the picture quality in entirely blacked-out rooms. However, with some alterations to brightness and contrast settings, even such situations are fairly manageable.

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Audio Quality

The TV comes with a DTS Virtual-X and Dolby audio technology that caters to amazingly immersive audio experiences. The technology virtually heightens the sound and adds bass to it. This helps with dialog enhancement, and you can listen better and clearer. This makes the Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV ideal to watch even in noisy surroundings.

However, sometimes the audio mix can get messed up, which results in extremely loud sounds enough to hurt your ears. So, you need to keep up with the settings. If the sound mix settings are right, this situation doesn’t occur, and the audio experiences remain pleasant.

Smart Features

It’s a Fire TV, so you have no limitations to accessing content on it. It smartly connects with your devices, and you can easily stream any content you like. Syncing and connecting the mobile applications with the TV is also easy, and thus there’s no limitation to what you watch on the TV.

The Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV also comes with a Voice Remote with Alexa that you can use to give voice commands. This helps you have better control over operating the TV, and you can very comfortably switch the channels, manage volume, and do other settings as well.

So, this was a brief about all you get with the Toshiba C350 Series, and considering the price, it seems a good buy. But before jumping to the conclusion, let’s have a quick look at the significant advantages and disadvantages as well.

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  1. An affordable and budget-friendly model that looks great in the living room.
  2. Dolby vision and audio create an excellent watching experience.
  3. No limitations to accessing the content with the Fire TV smart features.


  1. The sound mix can become messy, sometimes resulting in very loud audio.
  2. The smart features are not very advanced, and sometimes the streaming can get slow.

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Final Verdict

The Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV is a sleek model with basic smart features and functionalities. The size is very economical and would look great in your living room. Also, the TV does good for its video and picture quality.

Although not very advanced, the TV is still a great catch for its price. The buying decision entirely depends on what you’re really looking for. However, if you want a TV that’s affordable and has sensible video and sound quality and good streaming options, the Toshiba 50 Inch 50C350KU C350 Smart TV is a great catch. You can surely go for it without batting an eye. Happy purchasing!

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