Under Construction Page WordPress Plugin Review (2017)

Under construction page or UCP is the page which is shown when the website is under maintenance or when you want to make some changes or planning not to share the beta version with visitors. This also helps the owner to take time and work on new requirements without having to worry about what the users think when they visit the page.

A sample Under construction page

One of the plug-in which help in building this page is “Under construction Page” which has already crossed 100,000 downloads and ropes in another 10,000 new users per month. The plugin takes less than a minute to configure and get live on the web page. Also, according to the user’s ratings, this plugin has been rated as 5 star by over 500 satisfied users! That’s amazing considering the time of launch of UCP! 

The plugin is developed from Web factory Ltd.

Under Construction Page Review

This plug-in is extreme user friendly and easy to understand. One can easily though easy steps make use of this for their webpages. To get started, you just need to open the plugin options.

The UCP team has also optimized their plug-in for Search engine optimization (SEO) and supports Google Analytics to keep updated about the new users along with how many visits the previous users have made. This data is important in analyzing the growth of the overall activity.

Also, there is a plethora of designs from which the user can select as to how the layout of their maintenance site should appear. The users can chose from the background images or themes and have complete control on the layout during maintenance. Also, new designs are added each month by the team.

The designs are really rocking to the core and here comes some design inside the plugin

UCP plug-in has many social media icons available like for instance Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few. Also, this is not an exhaustive list and new ones keep adding up to. 

An exciting feature of this is that they provide an “off and on mode” which is the user can toggle between them till he is satisfied with the modifications made. Also, this plug-in provides another noteworthy feature which is “Whitelisted user” list. These are the people who can view the website instead of the maintenance page.  

They have a strong support system and usually queries are solved within 24 hours. The team comes up with regular fixes for the bug and improvements. Also, while under maintenance the user can chose the content to be displayed on the webpage i.e., text to images.

Under Construction Plugin PRO:

They are working on a PRO version of the plugin which will include the following features:

  • Drag and drop page builder – This allows the user to customize, edit and create the site layout without writing any code. Through this one can customize any component of the page without codes.
  • Improved access control – This means that access to view the website can be granted to the selected user list only.
  • Custom links with custom expiry rules – The advanced version are working on adding the ability to add an expiration date to the links. This can be any day or month or own customized date.
  • MailChimp and Zapier support – This allows to connect apps and automate your tasks which saves time. Hence, one can avoid doing repetitive tasks and divert the same time into other productive things.
  • Support for local database auto responder – This is a program which generates a customized response to all the users automatically when they send a message to a particular email address.
  • Import and Export settings – This is creating customized pre defined settings and then using the same as required.
  • Unsplash API integration Unsplash is a photo platform with HD photos. With the integration of Unsplash with UCP plug-in, one can get easy access to more than 200,000 photos.
  • Newsletter module – This is a newsletter system wherein one can easily shoot mails regarding updates or improvements in the websites to all the concerned users. This helps to create new mails easily and track them.
  • Countdown timer – This will be a reatime time which shows the estimated time left to finish maintenance on the website.

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On a note

As of now, the plugin is completely free to download and use till they introduce the PRO version. Lot of reviews on your webpage is dependent on the proper functioning of the website and how does one tackle the same when it is under maintenance.

Depending on the experience they encounter, negative feedbacks can also be given which will in no time jeopardize the websites value. All this hassle can be avoided if the user spares a few minutes in setting up the under construction plug-in which keeps both the user and the owner satisfied!

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