Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast: Why & How To Fix?

While using your internet, have you ever noticed your Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast? Well, you are not alone. This issue is a common problem for many internet users.

However, the internet's upload speed is as important as the download speed of the internet. Smooth video calling, streaming your favorite content, or uploading video on the cloud all require appropriate upload speed.

But why this glaring inconsistency in upload and download speed? And how can you fix this Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast? This article will give a cause and troubleshooting fix for resolving slow upload speed when fast download speed is fast.

What Are Upload And Download Speeds, And How Are They Measured?

Before moving further on the topic, you need to know the difference between upload and download speed and their unit of measurement.

In simple words, download speed is how fast you get information from the internet. Conversely, upload speed is how long you can send information online. 

The download and upload speed measured in a megabyte of data that can deliver in seconds refers to the Mbps unit. Your internet service provider (ISP) sets the Mbps you receive.

Common Factor That Leads To Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast

To make your work easy, we have already researched and compiled all possible reasons for the Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Internet Service Provider (ISP) Is Having Issues

Your ISP decides how much download and upload speed you will receive. To match the higher downstream demand of the internet, ISP also focuses on download speed more than upload speed.

So, it is common to receive uneven download and upload speeds across most ISPs. But in rare cases, when there is more demand for bandwidth, your ISP provider throttles your upload speed to satisfy demand.

In addition, if there are some issues with your ISP provider, they are giving such a slow upload speed. Then you can receive this problem.

ISP providers set a fixed data cap for internet data usage in mobile data cases. But the data cap is not present in the Wi-Fi network. So this reason could be scarce. Most of the time, things are out of your hand if you are having an issue with ISP. You can call them to resolve the issue or switch to a fiber network with a more symmetric download and upload speed than cable.

2. High Network Congestion

High network congestion happens when the traffic on your internet exceeds its maximum capacity. Most of the time, it is a temporary event that resolves itself.

But in rare times, it indicates a deeper problem like poor subnet management, excessive bandwidth use, multicasting, or too many devices using the internet.

3. Outdated, Insufficient, Or Defective Hardware

Another factor that could make you face Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast is a faulty or outdated router. When routers get older, they become incompatible. With time the technology of the router keeps improving, and your router may need help to keep up. The older routers may have less maximum speed and need help to handle many devices at a time, like newer routers.

In addition, if you live in a more than two-storey building, more than the ordinary router may be required. We have seen quite an improvement in the routers. Such an example is a mesh router that handles the Wi-Fi range to longer distances.

Plus, check your router by isolating it with another device to see if it is not damaged or faulty. If you find a problem with it, replace it with a good upload speed.

4. Malware Or Virus

This option is another rare factor but can still affect the router's speed. However, malware inside the router is an exceptional possible place. It is the device from which you are using the internet.

When you have malware on your PC or laptop, it runs many programs in the background. It also increases your internet usage, which results in Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast.

5. Incorrect Network Setting

To access the full potential of your network, it is essential your internet network setting is correct and does not block the upload speed of your network. Ensure your metered connection setting is turned off because it puts a data cap on your internet usage.

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Tips For Improving The Upload Speed Of Your Internet

We have several tips for you that quickly improve your internet speed. They are as follows:

1. Use The Speed Test Tool

Before following any other troubleshooting method for Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast mentioned in the article, you must test your internet speed from a Speed test tool like Ookla Speed Test or Speedtest.com, preferably from another browser.

Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast

This process ensures that the problem is in your internet speed rather than your browser. It will also verify the actual rate you are receiving through your ISP.

If you need clarification between the actual speed and the speed an internet provider promised you, contact your ISP to resolve the issue.

2. Contacting ISP To Resolve Slow Upload Speed

When you face such Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast, it is wise to contact your ISP, as most of the time, the problem is not at the user’s end.

Whether your network is suffering from high traffic or there is a problem with internet cable, it cannot be resolved when you make your ISP aware of it. If your ISP is giving you frequent slow speeds, opt for another ISP.

3. Upgrading Your Hardware Or Router

If you are using a particularly old router for your internet, it's time to change it with the new one. Your old router may need help to keep up with your needs. Replacing it with a new one will resolve the issue and improve the overall quality of receiving and uploading speed.

4. Run Malware And Virus Scan

Malware or virus in your device might be using your upload bandwidth which can slow your upload speed tremendously. Moreover, they are malicious programs designed to steal your data.

Therefore, choose trustworthy and reliable antivirus to protect your system from malware and scan your device. If you are not interested in purchasing antivirus, go with Factory Reset. This will erase all the files from your device, including malware and virus. But before doing that, make sure to back up your data.

5. Optimize Network Setting

Last but not least, make sure that your network setting is optimized to use upload bandwidth. For example, ensure you have not put your device on a metered connection. 

If you have, it will set a cap on data usage and stop some apps from utilizing upload bandwidth. By disabling this option, you can improve your upload speed.

Follow the given instruction for switching off the metered connection.

Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast
  • Simultaneously press the Window button and ‘I’ on the keyword to open the Setting menu.
  • Navigate to the Internet and Network section in the menu.
  • Select Wi-Fi from the given options.
  • Now the name of the connected Wi-Fi will be visible on your screen. Select it to open its settings.
  • Locate Metered Connection by scrolling down on the page.
  • If it is switched on, click on the slider to close it.

6. Closing Metered Connection On Wired Network

For a wired connection, you can switch off the metered connection by going to Settings> Internet, and Network> Ethernet> Select the visible network> click on the slider of Metered Connection to turn it off.

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Final Summary On Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast

Lastly, you need to understand that the “Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast is common” until it does not create problems in functioning.

Generally, the issue “Upload Speed Slow But Download Speed Fast” is resolved by upgrading the router or contacting the service provider. Make sure you are telling them all the problems regarding slow upload speed. However, we suggest you try the given troubleshooting method before contacting ISP.