TFW – What Does It Mean and Why People Use It ?

You must have seen many people using “tfw” as the word over social media and you must be looking to know what this “tfw” stands for and what does tfw mean ? Here is a complete information on this.

TFW definition

“TFW” is basically a slang that has been used by the people on social media and the full form of it is “That feel when”. Yes, this is very popular on social media but, it’s definitely incorrect as per grammar protocols.

Below is one such example where the term is used in Twitter.


tfw means

This phrase is usually used by the people in between the sentences where they are sharing their emotional feeling. This can be related with someone on social media or some one who is not on social media.

This phrase is used when you want to express your feeling that you have felt when the incident happened with you.

No need to get confused, just check out the examples below

  1. “TFW” you are waiting for someone and the person is ignoring you.
  2. “TFW” you are feeling sleepy and someone force you to do something that you don’t like, but you are doing that thing.

What does TFW mean in texting

I hope that the given above examples must have given the answers to your questions. Usually the acronym is used in the beginning of the sentence and then the sentence that you want to share is written.

If you want you can use this with the not so mundane kind of sentence as well even if the sentence is not relating.

This acronym is also used by the people on social media even where it doesn’t relate to the sentence in any way. You will never belief but people are using this acronym like anything over the social media, especially over Twitter.

This is used because it works in a right manner for the sentences that have grammar errors, text speak errors and short form of other words.

This is basically used by younger people on social media who generally doesn’t have any problem with spelling errors or grammar or anything else.

We know that internet today is getting more and more visual with lots and lots of social media platforms. this lead to the rise in image sharing, video sharing, emojis, the “TFW” is also increasing day by day.

Some of memes created with the term is being added here

TFW – The Origin

The origins of slangs usually are undiscoverable and this seems the same for the acronym “TFW”.

It seems that it can be tied up with the “I Know That Free Bro” meme, this type of slangs gives one the feeling that the characters are hugging each other and can actually feel the emotions of other person.

We have seen memes have come a long way in helping the people expressing their feeling with others online.

From good to bad these slangs plays a vital role and since they are so widely used, new people have also started using these.

It seems as if these memes have been getting accepted with a wide coverage and thus today every one are using these in order to express their emotions.

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