Why Use Facebook Ads For Better Leads and Conversions

Everyone has seen them, those ads that pop up in your Facebook feed, seemingly as soon as you have considered purchasing a given item or looked for a particular service.

These ads are targeted toward the user, but advertisers, companies, and organizations can also make use of this type of ad. There are a number of reasons to consider targeted Facebook ads that include:

  • People spend a great deal of time on social media – Facebook is too big for a business of any size to ignore.

  • Over 1 billion users – Just to reiterate, Facebook is huge and reaches a wide audience.

  • Facebook organic outreach is outdated – Just having a Facebook page for your business is not enough, most users will never see it.

  • Highly scalable content – Even if you consistently create great content, you want people to know and Facebook Ads will amplify your content.

  • Targeted ads – Facebook is much more targeted than you think since you can choose ads by location, demographics, age, gender, behavior, and connections, among others.

  • Remarketing – Remarketing is a powerful tool that shows ads after people have visited your site when they visit other sites.

  • Visits into leads – As visits to your site grow you can tag visitors with a cookie and build your remarketing audience. This builds your customer base.

  • Call buttons – Call buttons allow a person to click and call you immediately without having to visit another site.

  • Tools – Digital Agencies can be expensive, so Facebook provides tools to make creating and managing ads simple to do yourself.

Creating a Targeted Ad

In order to create an effective targeted Facebook ad, it is best to use the Facebook Power Editor. This browser plugin helps businesses manage multiple campaigns by making it easy to edit, create, optimize, and manage ads.

This also allows for page posts in bulk across different ad accounts and pages when needed. Ad Creator within Facebook now allows you to target your advertisements as specifically as Power Editor, but Editor still allows for more functionality.

Using Editor, you can target by location, age, gender, specific interests, broad categories, brand connections, unconnected users, and ‘lookalike’ audiences. All you have to do to create a Facebook ad campaign is to click ‘create campaign’.

Give the campaign a name, click create an ad and you will be moved to the creative page where you give the ad a name, image, headline, text, and decide where your ad will show.

Each type of targeting has benefits with the location, age, and gender is the most prominent. Location is especially important for those with a specific service area. Age and gender are important for targeted audiences as well as some products and services are relative to age.

There are few of the markets which are getting overcrowded like the online teaching but rest assured if you follow the right strategies with our guide, you can even succeed in any of the over crowded niches.

For example, someone that sold medical supplies would probably not target teenagers as an older audience would be more receptive. The same is true for gender as certain genders may not have as much interest in certain services or products as much as others.

The ultimate goal is to figure out who your audience is as far as the biggest customer base and target that audience. This is much more likely to drive potential customers to your site and increase purchases. So, get started, play around with the options, and start your first Facebook campaign.

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