Youtube TV Keeps Disconnecting: How To Troubleshoot?

With YouTube TV, users can also watch live shows, matches, and news on a big screen. YouTube TV is a subscription streaming service available in English and Spanish wherein you can access shows from popular cable networks and broadcasters simply by connecting YouTube TV to your TV.

However, at times YouTube TV keeps disconnecting continuously when you connect it to your TV, and this might disrupt the seamless streaming of your favorite shows. Primarily, the YouTube TV app might not work due to a connectivity error, but other reasons are associated if YouTube TV keeps disconnecting. There are visible symptoms, too, that you must not neglect. Let us discuss them in detail. 

Symptoms Of Youtube TV Keeps Disconnecting

As a user, the most usual indication that a youtube TV keeps disconnecting is the appearance of an error message on your screen that clearly states that YouTube TV is disconnected from your TV. If the video buffers or freezes, you might understand that the YouTube TV app is disconnected, so you need to check for the existing issue. The common symptoms users experience when their YouTube TV keeps disconnecting are-

Error Messages On The Screen

While you might be trying hard to connect the YouTube TV app to your TV, you might still experience an error message on your screen. This is a symptom that YouTube TV has disconnected from the TV, and it is most likely because of the pending updates on the YouTube app or your TV.

Video Buffering Or Freezing

Another visible symptom is video buffering or freezing. Suppose the video running in the background on your TV stops suddenly and still does not continue to proceed for a few minutes. In that case, you must understand that the YouTube TV app has disconnected, and you are then required to check if you have a stable internet connection for YouTube TV to operate seamlessly. 

Loss Of Sound Or Picture Quality

In some instances, when YouTube TV disconnects from your TV, you might experience a loss of sound in the video, or the picture quality might get poor and continue to be that way. These two are the expected symptoms when a YouTube TV gets disconnected. As a user, you must power cycle the TV and then try to use the YouTube TV app. 

Causes Of Youtube TV Keeps Disconnecting

Now that you are aware of the symptoms of youtube TV keeps disconnecting continuously and frequently, the next thing you must do is to know the reasons that might have led to these symptoms. Following are some of the potential causes of YouTube TV disconnection. 

Network Issues

First and foremost, whenever YouTube TV disconnects from your TV, you must check for any existing network issues. The network connectivity should be proper and continuous, and your internet connection might not be weak. You can always reinstall the internet connection again and check that none of the power cables related to internet connectivity are fried or damaged. 

Device Compatibility Issues

Another possible cause of the youtube TV keeps disconnecting might be hardware issues. Your TV might be outdated and not support running the YouTube TV app on the device. In such a case, you will continually face the disconnection issue with the YouTube TV app. 

Not only this, if you operate a smart TV and still cannot watch your favorite movies and sports live on YouTube TV because of the disconnection issue, it could be because of the pending software updates of your TV. Usually, it is seen that people neglect the pending software updates, and then certain apps stop functioning with the TV and cause compatibility issues. 

Server Problems On YouTube's End

Once you have checked for the above two causes, the next could be server-related issues on YouTube's end. At times, the server of the YouTube TV app might go down or slow, and under both circumstances, you will have trouble with YouTube TV disconnection. Server problems on YouTube are indicated mainly by buffering or poor picture or sound quality.

Troubleshooting Methods If Your Youtube TV Keeps Disconnecting

With that being said, it is a relief to know that the issue of YouTube TV disconnection can be rectified most of the time manually. It is hardly a case that a user must contact the customer service support team to resolve the issue. Some of the most efficient troubleshooting tips for YouTube TV disconnection issues are as follows-

Checking Their Internet Connection And Router

Primarily, as a user, you should be checking your internet connection and the router, as poor connectivity is the main reason why the YouTube TV app frequently gets disconnected. To ensure a stable connection, you can restart your router by following the below-given steps-

  • Turn off the router and ensure that the wires are correctly disconnected. 
  • Wait for a few seconds (nearly 30 seconds) and then plug in the router again.
  • Wait until the connection gets established, and then try to run the YouTube TV app on your TV again.

Restarting Their Device And YouTube TV App

Another troubleshooting technique you must try is to restart both your TV and the YouTube TV app and then continue running the app in the background. 

To Restart Your Device
  • Press and hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds until the TV shuts off. 
  • Ensure to do this while keeping the TV on and then wait for a few seconds.
  • After a few seconds, the TV will turn on again, and then you should use the YouTube TV app on the device.
To Reinstall YouTube TV App 
  • On your TV, go into the “App Settings” and then the YouTube TV app.
  • Uninstall the app and move it to Google Play Store on your android TV.
  • Then install the YouTube TV app from Google Play Store and sign in again to resolve the issue.
Troubleshooting Methods If Your Youtube TV Keeps Disconnecting

Checking For Updates

Outdated software poses a significant problem in the efficient functioning of several apps on your TV. You must check if your TV has any pending updates and provide access to update the software so that you can handle the problem quickly.

To update your TV-

Troubleshooting Methods If Your Youtube TV Keeps Disconnecting
  • On your TV's remote, press the “Home” button.
  • Then navigate to “Settings” and then “Support.” 
  • There, you will find an option for “Software Update.”
  • Click on it, and you will easily be able to acknowledge if there are any pending updates.
  • If so, click “Update Now,” and your job will be done.

Advanced Solutions For YouTube TV Disconnection

Suppose you have tried the basic troubleshooting methods, and you are still experiencing youtube TV keeps disconnecting. In that case, you can try these manual advanced troubleshooting techniques that greatly assist in getting rid of the issue.

Resetting Their Router And Modem

Resetting the router and modem is one of the essential troubleshooting methods. You can either try to restart your router by unplugging it and then replugging it after a few seconds, or you should ensure that no other objects disrupt the bandwidth. 

Checking For And Clearing Cache And Cookies

In the “Settings” menu, check if the YouTube TV app has an unnecessary cache or cookies. Update the app, as this would help in clearing cache and cookies. Once done, chances are that you will not face the issue if YouTube TV disconnects on your device.

Contacting YouTube TV Support For Further Assistance

When nothing works, you should contact YouTube TV customer service support for further assistance and rectify the issue by following the steps told by the team.

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Final Note On Youtube TV Keeps Disconnecting

YouTube TV app frequently gets disconnected while running seamlessly on your TV due to poor internet connectivity. The YouTube TV app needs an internet speed of 3 Mbps. Anything below that would mean that YouTube TV will continuously get disconnected. Thus, ensure that the internet speed is enough to run the app in the background and check for the router and modem.

Secondly, you are required to check if your TV has outdated software or if the software needs an update. Pending updates cause immense trouble in the functioning of several apps. It can easily be checked in the “Settings” menu, and you can then update the apps that require permission. Doing so might help you to resolve the issue once and for all.

If nothing works, you can restart the router and the TV and then use the YouTube TV app on your device. Lastly, you should always seek professional help and contact the YouTube customer service support team to help you rectify the problem manually. If not, the professionals would search for a possible solution to the “youtube TV keeps disconnecting.” 

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