Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV: How To Fix?

At times, Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV, which is a normal issue likely to occur due to poor internet connection or if your LG TV is not compatible to work with YouTube TV.

But then, YouTube is one of the most popular streaming services wherein a user can conveniently enjoy watching live TV, from sports to news. Not to worry, as this article provides a manual solution if Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV.

Possible Causes Of Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV

There could be several reasons Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV. Some of the possible causes of the problem are discussed below. 

1. Internet Connection Issues

First and foremost, your internet connection might need to be stronger, and it might not support YouTube TV on your LG TV. YouTube TV requires a minimum speed of 3 Mbps to work seamlessly. The streaming service would become dysfunctional at any internet speed lower than that. 

2. Incorrect Settings On The LG TV

Incorrect settings on your LG TV can be another reason behind the issue “Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV.” Your LG TV should be set accordingly to accept apps and streaming services without trouble. If not, you must change the settings of your LG TV from the “Settings” menu. 

3. Outdated YouTube TV App On The LG TV

If the YouTube TV app you are trying to stream on your LG TV is outdated, it might cause continuous buffering and not load on your LG TV. Under both circumstances, you will not be able to stream the service. Ensure that the YouTube TV app you are trying to run is updated.

4. Compatibility Issues Between The LG TV And YouTube TV

There could be prevailing compatibility issues between the YouTube TV and your LG TV. Usually, the compatibility issue exists when either your YouTube TV app is outdated, or your LG TV is too old. Ensure that your LG TV and YouTube TV app are updated to resolve this. 

Resolving Techniques For Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV

Now that you are aware of the possible causes of the problem of youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV, the next thing you might be looking forward to is finding a reliable solution to resolve the issue once and for all.

Some of the most effective troubleshooting steps for the issue are as follows-

1. Check And Reset The Internet Connection

Check the internet connection and ensure that it is correctly installed. A better internet connection is ensured in the case of ethernet cables, so you can try using them. Also, consider restarting the router to reset the internet connection.

The following steps can do it-

  • Unplug the router and then wait for a few seconds.
  • Then plug in the router again and wait until the connection gets fixed.
  • Try loading YouTube TV on your LG TV now.

2. Check And Update The YouTube TV App On The LG TV

The YouTube TV app that you might want to run on your LG TV might need an update, which could be why Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV. To check if the YouTube TV app needs an update-

  • On your LG TV remote, press the “Home” button.
  • Navigate to “LG Content Store.”
  • On the top of the page, you might see an option for “Apps.”
  • Click on that and then select the YouTube TV app.
  • If you see an option of “Update,” click on it, and the app will get updated. If you still need to, your app is already updated. 

3. Check And Update The LG TV's Firmware

If the YouTube TV app is updated, your LG TV's firmware might require an update.

To update your LG TV's firmware, follow the procedure below. 

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote and navigate to “Settings.”
  • Further click on the “All Settings” icon at the top right corner.
  • Then go to the “General” tab and navigate to “All About TV” by scrolling down.
  • Click on it and then select “Check for Updates.”
  • If there are any updates, you will be let know of them.
  • Click on “Update Now,” and the update will be done.

4. Reset The LG TV To Its Factory Settings

Resetting your LG TV to factory settings can work wonders.

To do that-

  • Press the “Home” button on your LG TV remote.
  • Choose “Settings” and then navigate to “All Settings.”
  • In the “Settings” menu, go to “Support.”
  • There you will see an option of “Reset to Initial Settings.”
  • Click on it, and you are done.

5. Contact LG And YouTube Customer Support For Further Assistance

You might be unable to resolve the issue of YouTube TV not loading on LG TV even after manually trying all the troubleshooting steps. You can also contact the customer service support team, which is always available to provide you with the best assistance. The team will help you to find an effective solution. 

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Advanced Solutions

If none of these troubleshooting techniques work on your LG TV and you still face the problem of streaming Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV, it is better to jump onto the advanced solutions.

You can always try the below-given troubleshooting steps to ensure that YouTube TV gets quickly loaded on your Samsung TV.

1. Use A Different Streaming Device

Changing the streaming device can also help you resolve the Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV issue. You can use a smart stick or a game console to access YouTube TV on the LG TV. This might help in getting rid of the problem once and for all.

2. Use A Wired Connection Instead Of A Wireless Connection For The LG TV

A wired connection is considered more secure and reliable than a wireless one. A wired connection, such as using an Ethernet cable, means that the connection is established conveniently without any trouble, so the user might not face the issue of the dysfunctionality of the YouTube TV on the LG TV.

3. Check For Any Known Issues Or Outages With YouTube TV Or The LG TV

Lastly, you can check if all the wires connected to your router and your LG TV are correctly connected. No wire should be damaged, broken, or fried. Also, check if the connection is established correctly and your LG TV or the YouTube TV app might not need any updates.

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Wrapping Up The Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV

A distorted or disturbed internet connection is one of the prime reasons Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV. For that, try to restart the router and the TV and continue streaming the service. Also, there could be incorrect settings on your LG TV. You can correct it anytime from the “Settings” menu.

Ensure that none of the updates remain pending on your LG TV; otherwise, you might face the problem of Youtube TV Not Loading On LG TV. This also raises the chance of creating compatibility issues between your television and YouTube TV. Thus, ensure that all your LG TV update demands are regularly met, and keep cleaning your device to avoid such issues. 

If nothing works, you can let your LG TV undergo a factory reset, which might help resolve the issue. However, factory resetting your LG TV would mean losing all the saved data and apps, but you can always try it during times of emergency.

If none of the manual troubleshooting methods work, you must further pay attention to the problem and contact customer service support as soon as possible. 

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