ZenBusiness Reviews 2021 – Why They’re Best?

ZenBusiness Reviews 2021

ZenBusiness Reviews

ZenBusiness was established in the year 2015 and since then this Texas-based LLC formation organization has assisted thousands of companies with formation. What’s more, over the years, ZenBusiness has been able to accumulate tons of positive reviews. To be precise, there are dozens of best LLC services with the help of which you can form an LLC. 

However, ZenBusiness has established itself as one of the most trustworthy and best LLC services. There is no denying the fact that ZenBusiness is one of the most popular and top-rated business formation services in the industry. But before delving deeper into the various features and aspects of ZenBusiness reviews, let’s take a glance at some of its pros and cons. 


  • Note that ZenBusiness is one of the most affordable LLC formation companies with pricing which starts from just $39. So when you compare the pricing to LegalZoom, it is $60 less. 
  • ZenBusiness is probably one of those company formation services which make the entire process of forming an LLC approachable and exciting. When compared to other company formation services, ZenBusiness will not trick you into buying add-on services.
  • Customer feedback is one of its major strengths. They have got thousands of positive reviews all over the online arena. 
  • ZenBusiness is also a socially conscious organization which is a rarity these days. They have partnerships with various NGOs to alleviate poverty. 
  • To ensure that you concentrate properly on your business operations, they also take care of annual report filing and other LLC maintenance issues. This is also a part of their worry-free guarantee. 


  • There is no denying the fact that ZenBusiness has excellent overall value. Also, it has some of the lowest prices available online. However, there is one LLC service which has an affordable base package than ZenBusiness- IncFile. However, in the longer run, ZenBusiness is a worthwhile option for you. 

LLC Formation Packages

Note that with ZenBusiness, you will have access to three LLC formation packages. They are the starter, pro, and premium. So let’s explore the various pricing offered by ZenBusiness.

The Starter Package- Costs $39 along with the State Fees 

With the starter pack, you would avail the name availability search services. Note that ZenBusiness will search through the business database of your formation state to assess whether the business name you want is available or is already claimed by others. What’s more, the starter pack from ZenBusiness would also help you with the preparation and filing of documents for your organization. 

These documents are usually the forms needed by the state to formally create your new LLC. Note that ZenBusiness would draft the articles of your organization and then file with your respective state of formation. ZenBusiness will also provide you with registered agent service which is a big advantage. 

A registered agent is a person or business entity which receives vital document deliveries from the state on behalf of your business and then forwards them to you. It is important to note here that ZenBusiness will provide you with registered agent services for twelve months. After the expiry, you have to renew at $119 per year. 

It is important to note here that ZenBusiness would also offer you with operating agreement. In case you don’t know, an operating agreement is a document which outlines the ownership structure of your business. It also formulates some rules for your organization. It is worth mentioning here that ZenBusiness would also offer you with a template to help you create your own operating agreement. 

Another key highlight of the starter pack is the stress-free CPA assessment. In other words, ZenBusiness would offer you free tax analysis and accounting assessment from the licensed CPAs to help identify your accounting and bookkeeping requirements. Also, note that it is handled entirely in-house which is an added advantage.   

The Pro Package- Costs $149 along with the State Fees 

Note that the pro package includes everything from the starter package and includes a few extras. For instance, with the pro package you would be able to avail the EIN number. In case you don’t know, an EIN is similar to a social security number. It is a nine-digit numerical code that enables your LLC to open business bank accounts, hire employees, and file taxes. This package also provides you with a worry-free guarantee. 

It includes the preparation and filing of your annual report along with two amendments per year. Moreover, if you ever miss a filing deadline with your respective state, ZenBusiness will assist you to regain the good standing. Moreover, with this package from ZenBusiness, you would avail a banking resolution. It is usually a form which depicts who has the authority to open a business bank account for your LLC. 

The Premium Package- Costs $249 along with State Fees

Note that the premium package from ZenBusiness includes everything from the pro package along with some additional features. For instance, with the premium package, you would get domain name registration. ZenBusiness will obtain a domain name for your organization along with a domain management dashboard tool. What’s more, you would avail the rush filing speed service of ZenBusiness from this package. 

In other words, ZenBusiness would prioritize your LLC’s document filings above those of starter and pro plan users. With this package, you would also get the domain name privacy. With this features, you keep your personal information from becoming publicly available as a result of your domain name filing. ZenBusiness also provides business email address to those users who have opted for the premium package. 

Moreover, you would get 5GB of storage space. ZenBusiness would also help you with business website registration when you opt for the premium package. In other words, ZenBusiness would help you to set up a business website. 

Overall Value and Pricing

If you compare ZenBusiness with other LLC formation services, you would come to the conclusion that it is the top LLC formation company. One of the favorite packages is their starter pack. Note that it costs just $39 and includes the full preparation and filing of your LLC’s documents for incorporation. Moreover, you would also get registered agent service and a risk-free consultation process with their in-house CPAs. 

On the other hand, if you opt for the $149 per year Pro plan, they will also add managed annual report and compliance management services. What’s more, you would also be getting a federal tax number also known as an EIN number along with a banking resolution. To be precise, many users usually opt for the first two plans rather than the premium package. No doubt, the premium package is good, but the first two plans are more cost-effective and practical to opt for.  

Track Record

Note that ZenBusiness is based out of Austin, Texas, and was formed recently, in 2015. Despite being a young company in the sphere of company formation, they have managed to secure the top spot which speaks a lot about their professionalism. Moreover, they have been able to adopt technology that ensures high and professional performance from their end. Quite impressively, the company uses technology to complete a variety of business processes. 

This enables them to offer packages in lower rates when compared to others. In its years of operation, the company has already formed thousands of businesses. They are of the opinion that their main goal is to form over one million new businesses in the next five years. Also, a majority of the customer reviews are positive which depicts that they are a customer-centric company. So as you can see, it enjoys a superb track record because of its excellent service over the years.     

Customer Support

One of the key highlights is its customer service. Note that the company provides customer service by phone, email or webchat. If you try all three options, you would notice that they provide timely responses with precise information. What’s more, they are committed to replying to you via email within the same day and they stick to that promise. 

And as far as the quality of the support is concerned, you will find that the customer service representatives are knowledgeable and have the capacity to answer all your questions. You can connect to customer support from 8am to 8pm CT on weekdays or Sundays. In the department of customer service, ZenBusiness is quite solid. 

Overall Turnaround Time

Nowadays, you would find company formation services base their turnaround times on the actual processing speeds of the respective states. However, it is the exact opposite in the case of ZenBusiness. The company bases the turnaround time on the type of package you are selecting. 

If your package has the rush filing feature, then be assured that it would take less time for ZenBusiness to complete the formalities with your state of formation. Also, note that they specify that your formation state can cause the estimates to vary a bit. So if you want an exact estimate, simply select your state and avail of an immediate solution. So as you can see, apart from their fast turnaround time, it is also transparent with their policies. 

Ease of Placing an Order

A majority of people who use services related to company incorporation usually don’t have much experience forming business entities. The other company formation services usually have complex norms that can severely derail the ease of placing an order. However, that is not the case with the services. Always remember that the sole reason to use a formation service is to save time and effort. 

But with other service providers, there are still some unfinished tasks that you need to complete by yourself. Thankfully, that is not the case here. It only takes a few moments to fill out the service order form. Also, the instructions are quite simple to follow. 

All you need to do is select which package you would like to buy, enter some basic information about your organization and it will take care of the rest of the things. It would be wrong to say that they don’t have third-party offers and upsells. However, these aspects won’t distract you from your actual purpose of availing of company incorporation services.    


Overall from the ZenBusiness reviews, it has a plethora of characteristics that makes them one of the best LLC formation companies out there. Their heavy investment in automation enables the customers to avail themselves of top-notch services. Also, they offer far more features than other LLC formation services.  Hope the reviews helped you a lot to know more. Cheers!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is ZenBusiness Legit?

ZenBusiness has been around since 2015. Yes, you can say that they are a new entity in the domain of company formation but they are fairly credible. It has thousands of positive customer reviews which establish the fact that they are legit. 

What does ZenBusiness do?

Apart from their standard LLC formation services, they also offer additional support to companies. They offer registered agent service, annual reports, operating agreements, EIN acquisition, certificates of good standing, etc. 

Should I use ZenBusiness?

Well, ZenBusiness is the top LLC formation company out there. You will find other LLC formation companies out there. However, none of them can compete with the features and affordability which ZenBusiness provides you with. If you want a fast turnaround time and a great customer service, opting for ZenBusiness would be quite ideal. 

How does ZenBusiness work?

ZenBusiness will function on the basis of the package selected by you. Usually, ZenBusiness would draft your articles of organization and then file them to your state of formation. What’s more, they will also provide a customized template so that you can create your own operating template. 

Where is ZenBusiness located?

ZenBusiness is based out of Austin, Texas and was formed quite recently in 2015. Despite being the youngest of all the LLC formation services out there, they are one of the top ranked services to form your LLC or any other company. 

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