ZenBusiness Reviews 2020 – Why They’re Best?

This ZenBusiness Reviews is our first installment coming from the Best LLC Services 2020. It's just took a matter of seconds to write this review since we are personally looked to register our business and exploring a lot of options to get started.

You'll need all the help you can get when forming your business. A useful formation package will help you with finalizing all the legal things surrounding your business. ZenBusiness is one of the many options you can find when looking for a way to make your business active.

You can hire ZenBusiness will help with the preparation and filing of your LLC. You can also use the services of a registered agent to help facilitate your company's legal documents and annual reports. The work ensures your company will remain in good standing.

You will have to take a note of what ZenBusiness provides if you wish to hire someone for your LLC establishment needs. You can find many reviews online that let you know what to expect from ZenBusiness. But it helps to figure out some of the basics associated with what ZenBusiness provides and how you can benefit from what is available.

What Is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is an online service that helps you with the LLC formation process. You can create a limited liability company with a thorough package that ZenBusiness can provide.

ZenBusiness focuses on providing a service that is fast and affordable. The ease of use is especially critical to the company, as it features a thorough platform that helps you form your LLC. The business focuses on transparency when supporting an LLC, protecting all LLCs from any legal red tape, and ensure stability for all clients.

Top Most Essential Features

Many will benefit from ZenBusiness more than others. Customer reviews surrounding ZenBusiness state that the company's services are ideal for people who want an affordable LLC formation choice. The reviews you can find also suggest that ZenBusiness works well for people who need regular customer assistance in finding filing deadlines and other legal considerations.

Prior reviews state that the service is ideal for people who find the LLC establishment process to be too complicated. There are many rules that business owners have to follow when getting their LLCs ready, and these points will vary by state. ZenBusiness gives people a thorough sense of control.

The General Services

You'll take advantage of many services when you contact ZenBusiness to help you with your business formation needs. Among the services here include:

  • You can get verification of your business name.
  • You can also set up the Articles of Organization within your company.
  • The service will also plan out all the documents that you must provide to the Secretary of State in your area. The requirements will vary based on your location.
  • All confirmations surrounding what you use will go directly to your customer dashboard.

Additional Services

You also have the option to hire various other services from ZenBusiness:

  • You can get an operating agreement up and running. The statement lists details on the ownership of the company, the duties of its members, and any other distinct relationships that you wish to report.
  • You can also set up an EIN or employee identification number. You can use this to get your tax records with the IRS set up within your business.
  • Additional services are available surrounding a business banking account, general accounting or bookkeeping assistance, and even business insurance. All of these services work for a small business, although the need can vary based on what you require.
  • High-level packages allow you to establish a business email account and a website.

The costs associated with these LLC features will vary based on the package you use or if you need them separately. You can check the ZenBusiness website to identify what works.


The cost associated with hiring this LLC service will vary based on what you select. It costs $39 per year to get a basic package that includes a standard filing service, registered agent service, and support for an operating agreement.

You can spend extra to use other formation services with ZenBusiness. The next setup you can hire is the Pro Package. You can get an EIN and also use the Worry Free Guarantee that ZenBusiness offers for $149 per year.

There's also a package for $249 per year that covers an expedited filing service, a domain name and email address, and a business website. The service is called the Premium Package, and the other services in the first two tiers also work here.

You will have to spend money on a filing fee based on your state. Every state has a different charge that you would have to spend to form an LLC alongside whatever else you spend with ZenBusiness. You would have to pay a $45 fee in Arkansas or a $40 fee in Kentucky, for instance.

The timing for how long it would take for you to finalize the effort to form an LLC would also vary based on the package you use and the state you live. If you're in Iowa, it can take five to six weeks to get your LLC ready with a basic package. You could get it all operational in a week if you use the high-end premium service. Meanwhile, it would take two to three weeks for you to form an LLC in Indiana or one to three business days with the premium package.

You will also get a year of free service from a registered agent. It will cost $119 per year after that first year. The agent lets you learn more about what is available for your LLC and how you can manage your work.

Worry Free Guarantee

One of the top things that people are talking about in reviews entails the Worry Free Guarantee that the formation service offers. ZenBusiness includes this with many packages, although it is also available separately in a starter package for $110 per year.

The Worry Free Guarantee provides the following:

  • The customer support team will review all state requirements, deadlines, and other state-specific things that you need to follow.
  • The business formation service will also monitor all annual report deadlines and requirements. The customer service feature ensures you'll have all your items ready.
  • You can also get regular updates on how your annual report is being managed. Your registered agent will let you know in real time what's working with this critical business document.

The guarantee works as a reminder to let you know what work when getting your paperwork ready. However, you should still ensure you review the deadlines and rules yourself. ZenBusiness can assist you when you need to file documents, but you'll need to know when to get in touch with them for the personalized help you require.

Is ZenBusiness Legit?

It appears from customer services that ZenBusiness is one of the best LLC service choices you can find. Customer reports suggest many things surrounding the LLC formation business:

  • The general value of the business is worth noting. Customers are happy with how affordable the services are, and also for how transparent the company is over its charges.
  • The customer service provided by ZenBusiness is also noteworthy. The LLC experts let people know what is happening to their accounts and what they can do to facilitate the LLC establishment and management processes.
  • Customers appreciate how easy it is for them to use what ZenBusiness offers. They state that the LLC formation process is complete and thorough while coming with a simple layout.

You can read many other reviews online to see how ZenBusiness works for your LLC. You have the option to do many things for getting your company up and running, not to mention you'll appreciate how your entity will be active on all of its legal concerns.

Most small business operators don't think about insurance when getting their entities ready. But insurance may help an LLC by protecting it from possible lawsuits and other legal actions. ZenBusiness provides a full insurance program that provides added protection.

The business owner's policy provides general liability and commercial property insurance in one package. The pricing for the service varies based on the value of the business and the functions your LLC would require. But the setup ensures you have the protection you need for the entity.

Customer Service

ZenBusiness provides full customer support service from 10am to 7pm Eastern time on weekdays. You can use the live chat service on its website, or you can talk by phone or send an email. The support team has been reviewed as offering excellent services and ensuring people can get the responses they need within working hours.

How It Compares

You can use a comparison of other services to see if ZenBusiness is right for your use.

To start, let's look at LegalZoom:

  • LegalZoom provides many of the services that ZenBusiness offers, but the expenses are greater. LegalZoom can charge $159 per year for a registered agent, not to mention the company does not provide a free year of service here.
  • You would have to spend $99 to get an operating agreement ready. The service is outside the standard plan.
  • You cannot get a web domain or email system through LegalZoom.
  • LegalZoom does at least feature a simple interface and will guide you through all the steps for establishing your LLC.

You should also look at reviews for IncFile when seeing what's available. Several things should be of value:

  • IncFile provides an affordable registration service. You may qualify to use IncFile for free before the necessary state fees come into play.
  • You can use the IncFile service to review your compliance standards and to prepare and file your tax forms.
  • It can take at least a month for most IncFile applications to go through.
  • You cannot get a customizable operating agreement through a basic IncFile service, although you can get it for extra.
  • IncFile offers a third-party bank account support service, although this may be difficult to arrange.

The general comparison to see in reviews is that ZenBusiness provides a more thorough approach to managing your LLC. You can use the company's experience to apply for more things and to purchase and arrange your LLC.

The points do not mean that LegalZoon and IncFile aren't worthwhile. But you should still look carefully at what makes ZenBusiness a useful choice when making your assessment.

A Final Word

You can use ZenBusiness if you're looking to get your LLC set up. The service will help you to form an LLC and ensure the legal contents and other features involved are intact.

You'll have to ensure you look at the costs associated with the LLC formation process. Be sure to look at the services that ZenBusiness offers for your use as well. You'll need to note what's available when finding something of note. Don't forget to check out reviews from customers who want to share more details on what ZenBusiness can do for your LLC needs.

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