ZenBusiness Vs Incfile Compared – Here is the Winner

ZenBusiness vs Incfile: You can consider ZenBusiness and IncFile for your business incorporation needs. These two entities are LLC incorporation providers that will help you form an LLC the right way. They also provide a comprehensive array of services. When you look at these two, you'll see why they have developed such strong reputations and have gotten so many positive customer reviews.

But which of the two is better? You'll have to look at a ZenBusiness vs. Incfile comparison to get an idea of what works.

ZenBusiness Vs IncFile

ZenBusiness vs Incfile – Things In Common

One thing that ZenBusiness and Incfile have in common is that they both offer a year of registered agent service for free when you form an LLC. The free registered support provides help with starting a business, particularly when getting your documents filed and ensuring you are up to date with your state-specific fees. Of course, it does cost extra for a registered agent after the first year of service.

Both companies also allow you to get an operating agreement ready for your business. You can even get a full check on whether your name is available, or if you need to use something else in the business formation effort.

ZenBusiness vs Incfile – Pricing

Incfile prides itself on offering free business support for new LLCs. The free service is for essential LLC efforts and does not include the expenses needed for an EIN or domain name or other advanced business functions. For instance, you'd have to spend $70 to get the EIN ready.

ZenBusiness Reviews

ZenBusiness charges $49 per year at the start of the service. You can also spend $179 for a service that includes expedited filing and an EIN, or $299 for a business website and domain name starter plan.

Remember, you will still pay state fees for your service regardless of what you choose. The state fee varies by location.

Incfile Review

You would get one year of registered agent help for free, but the cost varies after that. Both services charge $119 after the initial year is over.

ZenBusiness vs Incfile – Process

The process for getting an LLC ready is similar between both ZenBusiness and Incfile. The two entities let you fill in the proper forms based on your state. The services let you confirm a business name as well.

But the general focus of how you set up a business varies by company. Incfile focuses on the articles of organization and in getting your operating agreement ready. ZenBusiness provides added help for creating a business website and setting up a bank account.

In general, ZenBusiness provides a more comprehensive approach to getting your LLC ready. But it does cost extra to use more services regardless of which service you hire.


The support provided by Incfile and Zenbusiness are about the same. Both teams offer customer support by phone and email during regular hours on weekdays. Both of their websites also have learning centers to help you explore more about what's open.

ZenBusiness vs Incfile – Processing Time

The processing time varies based on who you hire and what package you utilize. Incfile can handle the processing for your needs based on the timeframe it takes for your documents to go through in your state. In some cases, it might take a few business days. In other instances, it could take weeks. You'll have to ask your registered agent about this point.

ZenBusiness provides a little more finality on the processing time. It takes about a month to get a basic service processed. You could spend a week or even a few days getting it all to work if you opt for one of the more high-tier service packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Incfile Reputable?

Incfile has served more than a quarter of a million entities since 2004. The service also provides extensive help for people who have very specific needs, not to mention clients get added support in noting what works for their company finances and legal points.

What About ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is also reliable and in good standing, as the group has held thousands of five-star reviews on Trustpilot. The knowledgeable service staff and the efficient state-specific LLC service support provided ensures people won't have to worry about who they're hiring.

What's the Best Way To Start An LLC?

The key takeaway from this ZenBusiness vs. Incfile review is to look at what the two groups provide. Incfile helps you establish your LLC with an operating agreement and in getting other reports ready while keeping you legal. ZenBusiness also provides regular organization and establishment services, but it also offers comprehensive financial and marketing support features.

Whatever the case is, you are bound to find a solution for your LLC that works for you. Be sure to compare the options well to get an idea of what fits your needs when starting your company.

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